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Does My Water pH Actually Matter?

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woman holding a glass of ice water with cucumber and lemon slices

Swapping out a can of soda for a bottle of water generally sounds like a healthy choice. But what happens when you go with alkaline water? Does that mean you get extra benefits?

Alkaline Water Health and Body pH

We all know that hydration is important. And our water pH is definitely important too. That’s why we don’t drink acid rainwater, whereas a squeeze of lemon can be just fine. The same goes for effervescent tablets. You can drop one of those in a glass of water, but you shouldn’t add a glug of bleach. There are extremes in either direction, and then there’s a safe range in the middle.

On the pH scale, pure drinking water is supposed to be neutral, which means it comes in right at 7. Substances that fall below 7 and down to 0 are “acidic,” and anything registering over 7 and up to 14 is considered “alkaline.” As such, alkaline bottled water is said to have a pH somewhere between 8 and 10.

The marketing stories make an interesting case for alkaline water being good for detoxing and balancing out your body’s pH level. Some claim that alkaline water can slow bone loss, or even help prevent heart disease and cancer. Unfortunately, the science doesn’t back this up. One analysis of 55 independent studies concludes that there isn’t any link between an alkaline diet and bone health. The argument for alkaline water and cancer is also pretty shaky. That’s why most experts insist that the money spent on alkaline water is really only a novelty.

Depending on your palate, alkaline water might taste nice. But the same could be said for adding a sprig of mint to your water. (Or yes, even a pinch of baking soda.) What’s more, you’re really just paying for is the cost of manufacturing that plastic water bottle. When you consider that fact, it starts to make a lots more sense to filter your water at home. Then you can customize it to taste however you’d like, save money, and help keep plastic water bottles out of the landfills.

Home Water Filtration—According to Taste

Our bodies depend on proper hydration. So while alkaline water probably won’t be a magic health cure for you, there are definitely reasons to keep opting for water throughout the day. If your taste buds aren’t happy with your home’s drinking water, then it can be hard to stay on track.

There’s no denying that your water quality will affect its overall taste. If you’ve got a sort of sulfuric or rotten-egg smell coming from your home’s well water, for example, you may not want to sip on that before your morning coffee. (Let alone use that water to brew your coffee!) That’s where home water filters come into play.

Even municipal tap water can benefit from home filtration. It’s all about bringing your drinking water back to a more refreshing state. From removing high levels of iron to getting rid of chlorine left over from the treatment plant, home water filters deliver great-tasting water for pennies per day. You don’t need to splurge on bottled water when you have a good water filter by your kitchen sink.

Plus, you have options for how to filter your drinking water safely—according to your personal tastes and preferences. If you like the subtle taste of having some dissolved minerals in your water, then you could go with a unit like the eco-friendly EPS water filter. On the other hand, if you want your water to be more “pure,” then you should go with a reverse osmosis system to give you the cleanest H20 possible.

Start with filtered water first, and then there are plenty of ways to enjoy it morning, noon, and night. Whether you decide on an RO water filter or another powerful home filtration system, it’ll certainly be a better long-term option than splurging on bottled water!

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