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We love water that is perfected with as little waste as possible. The new ERO 385 by Ecowater is the first reverse osmosis system to decrease waste at a one-to-one ratio. It is also the first to remove PFOAS and ibuprofen.


You will love knowing your system is NSF certified to protect your family, and your water has been perfected for drinking, cooking, and enjoying tea or coffee.


Choose from the standard ERO 175, the ERO 385, or the HERO 385. The HERO 385 tracks your usage and lets you know when to change filters. It is the smartest unit on the market.

Reverse Osmosis benefits


Great tasting water


Removes contaminants


Enhances flavor of coffee and tea


Reduces waste from plastic water bottles
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Featured Product

HERO-385 Reverse Osmosis System


ERO Series Reverse Osmosis Systems

BY ECOWATER Made in America

Product Specifications

• Patented HydroLink communication technology with the HERO 375 works with other EcoWater systems and displays information on product performance, water usage, and filter life


• 50 gallons per day membrane production rate

• Expandable system can upgrade usage or filter options

• Additional filter selections include ratings for higher capacity sediment or Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)

• Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 58 (for ERO 375 models)




3-Stage Filtering Process


NSF Tested Certified

Common Questions About Reverse Osmosis Systems

What is Reverse Osmosis?

A reverse osmosis (RO) system provides the best filtration for your drinking water. Regular tap water can have dissolved metals like iron and lead, chlorine, nitrates, or other contaminants. Filtering your home’s drinking water with reverse osmosis removes impurities and your concerns about water quality.

What is a water filter?

These filters treat your drinking water and remove contaminants (like lead and chlorine) that you don’t want to drink. It’s even effective during a “boil alert,” so you’ll still have water that’s clean and safe on tap—without having to boil it. The unit fits right under your sink and comes with its own faucet.

Do I really need Reverse Osmosis?

Water can pick up extra contaminants when it travels from the treatment plant to our homes. Without the right filter, you can end up drinking water with lead, microbes, and chlorine in it. Reverse osmosis systems are great because they run drinking water through multiple filters. And they’re more powerful than other options (like Brita or inline refrigerator filters), so you get better water safety.

How much does Reverse Osmosis cost?

We have RO filtration systems starting at $495. Once installed, they’re easily maintained for around 60 cents a day. We work closely with each of our customers to find the perfect water solution for your family and home.

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