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Does Drinking Infused Water Make a Difference?

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Good, clean water always beats out sugary drinks when it comes to health and wellness. The question, then, is what kind of water is best? Does infused water make that much of a difference compared to drinking regular filtered water?

5 Benefits of Drinking Infused Water

The first thing to note is that infused water is basically functioning like a nice cup of tea. You could even make a case for coffee being a type of “infused water.” It’s all about having your water take on new flavors and attributes. This happens in different ways.

While coffee and black tea can definitely give you a little caffeine kick, the nature of infused water doesn’t really work the same. We certainly get the flavor of fruits and veggies, but their vitamins and minerals won’t effectively transfer into the water itself.

This isn’t bad news, though! Once we understand that common misconception, we can start to look at the real infused water benefits.

1. Hydration Temptation

Tastier water is way more tempting. So the greatest perk of infused water is that it’s adding a bunch of flavor to your water. It’s the perfect solution if you’ve been finding yourself consistently reaching for soda or juice for a little extra “sweetness.” There’s nothing wrong with moderation, but sometimes it’s better to avoid those blood sugar spikes.

2. Natural Stress-Relief

Countless studies have shown that hydration has direct connections to boosting our mood and productivity, along with lowering stress levels. That’s why drinking the proper amount of water can make such a significant impact in our day-to-day lives. And when you add in the element of infusing your water, those benefits can get better and better.

Think of aromatherapy and all of your favorite body products, candles, or incense. There are emotional connections there! A fragrance can immediately help relieve tension and connect us with a better sense of calm. For some people, that might be infusing water with mint to relax. Or maybe orange slices for a boost of energy? You can play with whatever speaks to you.

3. Fun for the Kids

The same benefits we get from drinking water hold true for our children too—if not more so! Whenever we notice that our kids are feeling cranky or anxious, a simple fix could be to pour them a glass of water. It’s a great alternative to regular juice or fruit punch. Plus, you get to explore your creative side while helping your kiddos actually enjoy drinking water. Trying out new combinations of flavors can be a low-key and fun activity year-round.

4. Curbs Your Appetite

It’s all too easy to mistake hunger for dehydration. When we’re feeling fatigued, that doesn’t necessarily mean we need a snack. Sipping a cup of water first can help us keep our calorie count in check. Hydration is often the foundation of fitness. When you have tasty water at-the-ready, you’ll also be able to feel fuller faster and support your body’s metabolism.

5. Less Waste in the Fridge

Any leftover fresh herbs that are hanging out in the fridge can definitely work as infused water ingredients. Think about slicing up that lonely jalapeno pepper with half a bunch of cilantro. Or pair your rosemary with some chunks of grapefruit! Then basil can be a great partner for watermelon.

Ready to Try Infusing Your Water?

You’ll want to begin with fresh, filtered water to maximize your infused water flavors. A reverse osmosis water filter is ideally suited for the infused water benefits because it removes the chlorine that’s in regular tap water. It’s also way more affordable than bottled water—and infinitely more eco-friendly.

To infuse your water, just grab a big pitcher or a reusable water bottle. Then toss in any of your fruit, veggies, herbs or spices and let them sit for an hour or two. You can leave the water at room-temp or put it in the fridge. Infused water works either way. You’ll just want to remove your ingredients after 24 hours. But the water itself will be fine in the fridge for days.

Consider using a simple combo of sliced lemon and cucumber for a spa-water theme. Or go with ginger root and chopped frozen mango for a zingy tropical mix. It can be fun to experiment based on your mood and the seasons. Just remember—always start with filtered water!

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