Why Your Water Tastes Like…Something Else

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Clean, pure, and refreshing. That’s how our drinking water is supposed to taste. So when water tastes like something else, you know it’s time to do a little investigating. Once we figure out the source of the problem, we’ll start exploring the filtration options that can clear up your water for good!

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7 Types of Weird Water Tastes

Sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what that weird water taste might be. You know it’s “off,” but you can’t find the right word for it. Run through this list to see if anything stands out. Better yet, reach out to the Indy Soft Water team. We’ll conduct a water quality analysis to determine out which types of contaminants you’re dealing with. Then we can help keep your family’s drinking water safe—and tasty—with the best water filtration solution for your needs!


1. Water Tastes Like Bleach

This is probably the most common complaint with water taste. It all relates back to the chlorine disinfectant that the water treatment plant uses. It certainly helps to make our source water safer to drink, but there’s a setback. The disinfectant lingers with the water as it travels through the pipes to our homes, so when we turn on the faucet, we’re going to have that chlorine taste and smell. What’s more, it just isn’t healthy to be drinking chlorine!


2. Water Tastes Like Dirt

Homes that are on city water can surprisingly find their water tasting like dirt during certain times of the year. This is often due to an increase of algae blooms in our water supply. The cyanobacteria won’t be completely removed during the municipal water treatment process, which is why having an RO filter at your own tap is important. A good system will keep your water safe and clean year-round.


3. Water Tastes Metallic

Iron and manganese can occur naturally in source water. And unlike the minerals calcium and magnesium, which usually taste yummy, iron, manganese,  and others can be off-putting. If you’re dealing with your water tasting metallic, an iron filtration solution could be a simple fix!


4. Water Tastes Like Sulfur

Water that smells and tastes like rotten eggs is a sure sign of bacteria. This problem is mostly associated with well water systems. There’s also the chance of hydrogen sulfide gas starting to form when wells have lower oxygen levels.


5. Water Tastes Like Lemon

If your water is tasting sour, then there’s likely an issue with its pH level. This is a major concern because a low pH can be highly corrosive. Areas with older plumbing infrastructures could then have lead leaching into their municipal water. This is especially dangerous because the lead contaminants themselves are odorless, colorless, and tasteless in drinking water. Without a reliable filtration solution, you could be drinking water with lead poisoning without even knowing it.


What’s the Best Drinking Water Filter?

Getting the right drinking water filter installed at your tap is so important for keeping your water safe! When you’re ready for an upgrade, Indy Soft Water can help. We love working with efficient and eco-friendly reverse osmosis filters, and since every home is unique, we’re always eager to customize your system’s filters to cover all of the bases.

Outside of the contaminants that cause bad water tastes, there’s a long list of water contaminants that are tasteless and odorless. It’s definitely smart to encourage your friends and family to have their own filtration solution installed too, even when their water is clear and seems to taste fine. Let us introduce you to the line of solutions that would be best for you!

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