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Why Would I Want to Bypass My Water Softener?

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If you already have a water softener installed, you might wonder why you’d ever want to “turn it off.” Soft water is great for your indoor chores because it helps certain appliances run more efficiently. But that doesn’t mean you need to use soft water outside, too. In fact, that bypass valve can be pretty handy this time of year—whether you have water softener repair issues, or not!

What’s a Bypass Valve?

A lot of water softeners come with a bypass valve that lets you direct water away from your system. If your unit has one of these devices in place, you can basically turn your softener “off,” without disrupting the flow of water into your home.

Using the bypass valve is easy when you know what to check. First, just look for the set of pipes that connect to your water softener. (One pipe brings water into the unit so it can be softened. The other pipe sends the soft water into your home.) Next, locate the third pipe between the inlet and outlet pipes—that’s your bypass valve. It should have a knob or a handle that you can twist to open the bypass setting.

If you’re having problems locating these parts, check out this diagram for EcoWater bypass valves. Once the bypass valve is open, just turn off the two other handles or knobs on your inlet and outlet pipes. This lets water “bypass” your unit until you turn the valves back to their regular positions.

Reasons to Bypass Your Water Softener

There are a couple good reasons for using your unit’s bypass valve. During the summer months, it can be a great tool for making your water softener more efficient. If your unit treats all incoming water, you can save some money on softener salt by using the bypass valve when you run you’ll be using a lot of water outside. Since you don’t necessarily need to use soft water for your landscaping and yard work, the bypass setting can give your system a break without limiting your water usage.

You’ll still have all the water you need for watering your lawn, plants, new trees, and anything else in the garden when you open your bypass valve. Just put the valves back in their normal position when you’re finished so your indoor water will stay soft. Only using softener salt when you need it can be a really nifty trick for boosting your unit’s efficiency!

The other reason to use your bypass valve is for water softener repair services. If your unit is acting up and you’re not sure why, you don’t have to go straight to your main water line—just use your bypass valve. That way, you can still get water into your home. The bypass valve is important because it can prevent problems from getting worse. (Especially for leaks!) If you direct water away from your unit, then you can help keep any issues in check until a water softener repair expert can help you out.

Indy Soft Water Repairs

If you need help with your home’s unit, give Indy Soft Water a call at (317) 228-9822. We’re proud to be the go-to experts for the greater Indianapolis area, and we service a wide variety of water softener models. Whether your unit is made by Aqua Systems, EcoWater, Whirlpool, or just about any other manufacturer—we’ve got you covered.

For more information on our water softener repair services, please send us a message. We’d be happy to give your unit a review, so you can get back to having great water quality everywhere in your home!

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