Indy Soft Water Case Study: The French Pharmacie Salon

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Looking for a great hair salon? Look no further. The French Pharmacie Salon—with locations in Broad Ripple and Fountain Square—has something for everyone. Whether you’re ready to experiment with a new color treatment, or you just want to relax with a spa session, they have a fantastic team of trend-setting pros. (Plus a great, eclectic vibe that can’t be beat!)

The Salon and Spa Backstory

Last month we met with Heather Price, co-owner of French Pharmacie. She’s a hairstylist with nearly 20 years of experience and has the best type of tenacious spirit. Growing up, she started learning her craft by the cutting the hair on her dolls. Then she went on to work at a salon, all the while knowing that eventually she would have something of her own.

To some, that task can seem pretty daunting. But Heather was definitely well-prepared. She became co-owner in December of 2012, and even with the challenges of the COVID pandemic, Heather and her team powered through, expanding from their first location in Broad Ripple, to a second location in Fountain Square.

French Pharmacie is now home to 10 stylists across both sites, and Heather thoroughly enjoys seeing young stylists come in and being able to watch them grow. The passion of their team members is what really makes the salon shine. Just check out their rave reviews. The clients definitely agree too!

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When Haircare Meets Water Treatment

While water treatment is what we do, Heather knows hair best. And she’s made us much more aware of the harsh side effects that untreated water can have on our hair.

Sure, we talk a lot about home water softeners, and how they play a big role in the condition of our hair and skin. But Heather sees the problems with clients first-hand, every day. Showering with hard water is notorious for making your hair hard to comb through and style. But there are other tap water concerns too.

Having well water with iron in it can make your hair take on a yellow-orange color, and also become dry and brittle. Then you’ve got chlorine in tap water, which can cause lighter hair to turn a greenish color, all while becoming strangely hard and “shiny.”

In some cases, although extremely rare, Heather has even found that using tap water with too many minerals will actually cause so much damage, that the hair itself will get super, extremely hot during a high-lift coloring treatment. The mineral buildup can really get that bad!

Whether you color your hair or not, though, soft water will always be the winner. But as a bonus tip, Heather also recommends staying away from anything with sulfates, since these can strip color and are generally harsher, even on untreated hair. (To combat this, the salon has a large selection of products that follow the clean, natural, and sustainable approach to haircare.)

At both French Pharmacie locations, you can find our equipment in the waiting area, as well as behind the scenes. The salon’s water softeners deliver high-quality, conditioned water to every faucet; and their water coolers supply fresh, filtered drinking water. That way, every guest and team member can hydrate with high-quality water throughout the day!

Ready for the Boutique Spa Experience?

Escape the chaos. Forget the day-to-day busyness for a little while. Heather’s goal with French Pharmacie is to always ensure that clients have a top notch experience, and she does this by making sure the salons offer a calm and relaxing space, right when you need it most.

Between Heather and all of their other extremely talented stylists, it’s easy to get that look you’ve been dreaming of, with a truly personalized touch. Book now in time for the holidays, or grab a gift certification to surprise someone with a well-deserved spa treatment, haircut, or color. You can schedule your appointment online or through social media. Otherwise, feel free to give them a call!

French Pharmacie Broad Ripple:

823 East Westfield Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46220 // (317) 251-9182

French Pharmacie Fountain Square:

435 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46203 // (317) 426-3694

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