Sneaky Causes of a High Water Bill

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As we gear up for another great summer season, it’s often common (and also, unfortunate) to see your water bills rising. To help dispel your concerns, just make your way through this checklist. We’ve outlined the top five reasons for a high water bill so you can figure out what’s causing the spikes—and what you can do to stop them!

Top Causes for a High Water Bill

Getting an unusually high water bill can happen any time. But since we increase out outdoor water usage in the summer, it’s normal for homeowners to have more concerns this time of year. Review these common culprits to help identify why your water bill is climbing:

1. Seasonal Water Use

Even with all the regular water conservation habits, it can still be difficult for homeowners to limit their outdoor water usage in the summer. (Think: Filling up the swimming pool or watering your lawn.) But even if you’re using a rain barrel to help water your plants and flowers, there might be other issues inside. Some other behaviors might be impacting your home’s water bill.

Having the kids home from college in the summer or relatives in-town for the Fourth of July can create new spikes in your indoor water usage, too. Those extra loads of laundry and additional showers really do add up. In that case, using more water might just be a necessity to get through the month.

2. Leaky Indoor Fixtures

Some other indoor water issues, though, are completely avoidable. Managing leaky faucets or running toilets is an important step in keeping a high water bill under control. Even just one leaky faucet can waste nearly 260 gallons of water every month. Being able to quickly repair these types of problems can save a lot of trouble. Visit the EPA’s webpage on the Fix a Leak Week to get some additional tips for finding—and fixing—leaks for all your indoor fixtures.

3. Irrigation or Supply Pipes

While you can probably take a DIY approach for most indoor water leaks, outdoor water problems require extra skill. Cracks or major breaks in your water supply pipes can be extremely difficult to spot and manage. If you have an extra-damp area of grass in your yard, though, that might be one indicator of a line leak problem.

Fortunately, some homeowners may not be responsible for these issues. In the Indianapolis area, Citizens Water might be able to adjust an unusually high water bill for major pipe leaks. If you’re in their service area, just call (317) 924-3311 to discuss your options.

4. Old or Inefficient Appliances

One especially sneaky cause of a high water bill is having outdated water-using appliances. An older dishwasher, laundry machine, or even hot water heater can actually waste a lot of water—often without you realizing it. When shopping for new appliances, ENERGY STAR and WaterSense labels are great guides for efficient systems. And as you think about updating your appliances, don’t forget the toilets! Homeowners can save about every year by replacing their old toilet models with new, efficient versions. (Not bad, huh?)

5. Water Softener Problems

If you’ve made it through this list and nothing seems to jump out, you might need a follow-up water softener repair service. A faulty unit might be the lone cause of your high water bill. Rather than deal with hard water, it might be time to check your water softener. Systems that continusously cycle water or have problems getting out of the “regeneration mode” will be really inefficient. But a quick visit from a water softener expert might be all it takes to get your water softener problems (and your water bill) back under control.

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