When to Choose Water Softener Rental vs Buying

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Living with hard water isn’t just hard on our skin and hair. It also interferes with all of the water-using appliances in our homes. The mineral buildups left behind by hard water can ruin the efficiency of water heaters and dishwashing machines. You’ll also be dealing with scratchy laundry and those hard, crusty minerals on your faucets and showerheads too.

Water softeners work to tackle all of those issues simultaneously. And going with a water softener that doubles as a chlorine-removal system can make things even better!

The main question, then, comes down to whether you want to buy a new water softener outright, or to sign up with a water softener rental service. Either way, you’ll be getting clean, soft water. But you want to make sure you’re going with the most affordable solution for you and your family.

How Do Water Softener Rentals Work?

Central Indiana is notorious for having hard tap water, which is why most people opt for a home water softener. When you’re on the fence about making a new purchase, water softener rentals can make things pretty simple. You pay a low monthly rate and just a one-time installation fee (possibly with some plumbing adjustments) to get your system set up.

With our team, there’s no charge for rental consultations. You’ll even have the option to add iron and well water filtration. Or a whole house water system to remove the chlorine that’s left over in our tap water from the water treatment plant.

The 2 Main Reasons for a Water Softener Rental

Every scenario has its pros and cons. Renting a water softener isn’t any different. If the two items below sound like a fit, then it probably won’t make sense to invest in a brand-new softener—especially if you’re able to team up with a local water softener rental company. They’ll usually be able to give you better rates. Plus, they’ll be more likely to set you up with a system that’s actually efficient!

1. For some families, it’s way more affordable.

If you aren’t currently living in your “forever home,” a water softener rental can be an affordable way to enjoy soft water without making a long-term investment.

What’s more, trying out a rental for a year can help give you a better idea of how soft water actually works in your home and benefits your lifestyle. You can look at it as a trial run before making the commitment to having your own system.

We’re always happy to work with customers who use rentals in their investment properties, since soft water helps extend the life of their other water-using appliances. But you can even have a water softener rental when you’re a renter yourself! The upgrade is great when you’re sick of fighting damaged hair, dry skin, and laundry that’s feeling rough. Soft water also helps out with your general chores. Those crusty buildups will stop forming around your faucets. And you won’t have to use as much soap or detergent to keep your clothes and dishes clean.

2. You get soft waterwith zero hassle.

Another huge upside to renting a water softener is that you should have priority service if your equipment is ever acting up. You can get real peace of mind by choosing a company that offers same- and next-day service, as well as 24/7 emergency service.

Along with that, the mechanical costs are typically included with your standard lease agreement. You don’t need to worry about paying extra for repairs and maintenance. On the flip side, owning a water softener doesn’t necessarily come with that convenience. So ultimately, a water softener rental can be totally stress-free.

Want to Talk About Rentals? Indy Soft Water Can Help!

Top-notch service with a community focus. That’s what Indy Soft Water is all about. In addition to being a woman-run business, we’re also locally- and family-owned.

We offer both virtual and in-home consultations to give you the information you need to make the best decision moving forward. Just send us a message to get started. Then we can run through your options and figure out the most affordable way to give your family soft water every day of the year—whether that’s by renting a water softener, or purchasing a new system to tackle all of the water problems in your home!

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