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The Eco-Friendly Perks of Keurig Coffee

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Getting a great deal has always been a priority for shoppers. It doesn’t really matter what you’re buying. Cost, convenience, and quality all come into play. Then again, there’s also the issue of values. If you want your purchases to go toward a cause you care about, it’s always nice to support local, family-owned businesses and companies that give back—especially if they have an eco-friendly focus!

Sustainable Solutions with Keurig

Not only is Keurig Green Mountain the industry leader for single serve coffee, they’re also paving the way for responsible coffee sourcing and sustainable manufacturing solutions. The company is taking a lot of measures to ensure their practices are respectful to both their producers and the environment. That makes it really easy to feel good about their products.

1. Recyclable K-Pods

A major item on Keurig’s 2020 Sustainability Targets is for 100% of K-Cup pods to be recyclable by the end of 2020. That process involves converting seven manufacturing facilities and over 100 packaging lines. It’s a big goal, but they’re already well on their way to making it a reality. They’ve even accelerated the 100% goal for Canada, which puts them on track to hit the mark by the end of 2018.

In addition, Keurig also offers an alternative K-Cup pods disposal program. The Grounds to Grow On program lets commercial Keurig owners collect their pods and put them to good use. The used coffee grounds are turned into soil-enriching compost, and the other remaining waste gets converted into energy at a green energy-from-waste facility. (Smart, right?)

2. Clean Water Initiatives

Keurig is also committed to balancing their water usage. (You know we’re on board with that!) When they “balance” water, they’re working to restore the water that’s used in their beverages to both people and the environment. For every Keurig drink made, they’ll give back that same amount of water, ounce for ounce. This initiative helps preserve habitats and watersheds for communities in need of clean, safe water.

Their sustainability efforts include addressing their company’s environmental impact all across the product lifecycle. Rainwater supports their coffee crops, and clean drinking water is vital to every beverage brewed. By putting forth an effort to protect water as an invaluable resource, the company is helping to improve water needs the world over. Another one of their goals for 2020 is to balance 100% of the water used in their beverages. In 2016, that total came in at 707 million gallons, or 97% of their brewed beverage volume. So, they’re well on their way to reaching that 100% goal.

Plus, when you brew with Keurig, you’re helping to conserve water in your own way! Consider this: On average, about 15% of every pot of coffee brewed with a drip machine gets thrown out. But when you fix your drinks in a single-serve style, you only make what you want—without any coffee or water waste.

3. Less Waste, More Happy

Using commercial Keurig systems can be a great morale boost for office spaces, too. It’s fun to have variety in your beverage options throughout the workday. That’s where single-cup brewing dominates. With more than 30 different brands, nearly 200 varieties total, and loads of Fair Trade Certified and organic options, everyone can get their favorite brew—whether it’s coffee, tea, or tasty hot chocolate.

Whether it’s your Keurig at home, or a new commercial system for your office, Keurig’s sustainability goals make it a lot easier to enjoy your coffee break. We just need remember to use reusable mugs (not disposable cups!) to really make the entire process green. Employers can also opt in to the Grounds to Grow On program as an easy, eco-friendly office initiative. (If you’re in Indianapolis area, feel free to contact us for more info!)

Commercial Systems from Indy Soft Water

Since 1964, Indy Soft Water has served as the soft water and filtration experts for the Central Indiana area. But we’ve taken those services to the next level in 2017. Now, we also offer commercial coffee systems that pair right with our water filters.

When you want to brew a great cup of coffee, all you really need are delicious beans, a reliable system, and high-quality water. But for us, we always looking for that “something extra” from our manufacturers’ products and missions. That holds true for water softeners, as well as coffee makers. Fortunately, teaming up with Keurig Green Mountain was a natural fit. It’s easy to see that their values align with ours.

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