9 Reasons Why You’ll Love This Sustainable Water Filter

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You want to do right by your family, as well as the environment, so getting a sustainable water filter is the way to go! Other home water filtration systems can actually end up wasting water during the purification process. But not this one. The EcoWater high-efficiency water filter is powerful, environmentally-friendly, and easy to maintain. Plus, you’ll get super-tasty water around the clock.

Sustainable, Simple, and Safe—Meet the EPS 1000 Water Filter

There are a ton of water filters to sort through nowadays. To find your best fit, you need to consider your priorities. Our go-to is usually “peace of mind.” We never want to cut corners for quality—especially with our family’s drinking water. At the same time, we also want to feel good knowing that we’re investing in products that are eco-friendly. That’s why the EcoWater EPS 1000 is our favorite high-efficiency water filter. Run through this list, and we’re sure you’ll become a fan too!

1. Delivering Zero-Waste Water Filtration

You’ll get fresh, filtered water straight from your faucet. Even better, that filtered water won’t run out! Other products take time to move through their filtration stages, and sometimes the water storage tank under your sink can empty completely. Then you have to wait for it to fill up again.

This EcoWater filter doesn’t do that. It doesn’t waste water either. (Other filters also produce “waste water” during their longer filter cycles.) The EPS 1000 is truly planet-friendly from start to finish. It’s even received the WQA Sustainability Award, which comes from a third-party review and verification. The product has been manufactured according to the best practices for corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability. This covers everything from the raw materials, production, distribution, to your own usage.

2. Tackling the Toughest Water Contaminants

The EPS 1000 removes some of our most complex water issues. We’re talking lead, virus and bacteria, cysts, and even volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that come from gasoline and solvents. All of these contaminants are really difficult for the standard water treatment process to remove. But this filter’s NSF-Certification proves its effectiveness. The manufacturer hasn’t made any of these filtration claims without being carefully vetted and tested by the National Sanitation Foundation.

3. Advanced Enough to Keep Tasty Minerals

This says it all. If you’ve ever had a glass of filtered water that strikes you as somewhat “too” pure, that probably means you prefer to have a small amount of dissolved minerals in your water. We get that with tap water, but overall, tap water tastes dirty! This sustainable water filter gives you the best of both worlds. Water that’s actually clean, just with some extra flavor from naturally-occurring minerals.

4. Simple Home Water Filter Connection

The filter is obviously powerful. Plus, it’s sleek and compact enough to fit right under your kitchen sink. You can also get it installed to connect with your fridge’s water dispenser!

5. Even Simpler to Maintain

Because the EPS 1000 is extremely efficient, you don’t really have to worry about scheduling an expensive service call to refresh the filters annually. They’re easy to manage on your own.

6. Still Effective During “Boil Alerts”

You can still have clean water even if your area experiences a boil alert warning. The filter will continue to work, and you won’t need to rush out and stockpile expensive bottled water. It’s just another great feature to help keep your family safe and healthy.

7. Savings for the Long-Term

Consider all of these benefits, and then add one more. A high-efficiency filter helps you conserve water. Every drop that’s getting filtered ends up in your water glass. (Or ultimately that cup of coffee or tea!) You won’t have a filter that wastes water in the process. That helps keep your existing water bill consistent.

This filter is built to last and the maintenance is cost-effective. You’ll be saving even bigger bucks if you’ve been spending money on bottled water. Moreover, how can we really put a price on peace of mind? This filter is an all-around winner.

Ready for Delicious, Safer Drinking Water?

Indy Soft Water is your local water softener and water filtration company. We’re woman-run and community-focused. Tell us what’s on your mind, and we’ll work with you to find the perfect home water system. Whether you’re on city water or well water, there’s always a solution for making your drinking water safer and tastier. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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