High-Efficiency Drinking Water Systems

Indy Soft Water installs only the most efficient drinking water systems. Our highly effective drinking water systems will filter your drinking water without wasting any water. Enjoy safe, pure hydration in an eco-friendly way. Contact us at (317) 228-9822 for more information. We serve both residential and commercial customers in Carmel and the surrounding areas.

Water Your Way

Our versatile system provides filtered water at the faucet, refrigerator, or both. The EPS 1000’s sleek, compact design fits neatly under your sink, leaving plenty of room for storage. It’s advanced enough to leave in the good-tasting and good-for-you minerals. Pair a water purifier for your sink with a water softener for a whole home system.

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Water Filter Benefits

  • Removes contaminants like lead and other heavy metals.
  • Fresh, filtered water right at your faucet.
  • Never run out of filtered water.
  • Reduce waste and the hassle of carrying heavy plastic water bottles.

For other options, check out our point-of-use systems and our reverse osmosis systems.

Carmel IN Water Filter for Sink

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Why Choose Us?

Out of all the water softener companies, here’s why to choose Indy Soft Water:

We prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly American-made products of the highest quality and efficiency.

We service and repair softeners and filters from 30 + models.

Our technicians undergo a months-long rigorous training and screening program.

Our ERO 385 reverse osmosis system filters out undesirable elements, such as chlorine, nitrates, VOCs, ibuprofen, and forever chemicals.

We offer virtual and in-home consultations.

Our customers can count on our professional service and repairs, including 24/7 emergency service.

We support our community and are a peer-recognized dealer.

We are a local, family-owned, and woman-run business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Filtered water tastes so much better! We have found that by improving the taste of water, people drink more water. Drinking more water assists with weight loss, flushes toxins out of your system, and improves mood.

These filters treat your drinking water and remove contaminants (like lead and chlorine) that you don’t want to drink. It’s even effective during a “boil alert,” so you’ll still have water that’s clean and safe on tap — without having to boil it. The unit fits right under your sink and comes with its own faucet.

The pre-filter targets lead, sediment, and the taste and odor of chlorine. Then, the purifying filter tackles bacteria, cysts, viruses, and any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your water for a nice, clean finish.

For an under-sink water filtration system that protects and nourishes your family, let the helpful professionals from Indy Soft Water install your new system. Get rid of heavy, plastic water bottles, and never run out of water again. Contact us at (317) 228-9822 for more information about who we are. We serve Carmel and the surrounding areas including Noblesville, Fishers, Westfield, and Zionsville.

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