Residential & Commercial Water Softeners

Are you struggling with the effects of high iron content or hard water in your home or business? Since 1996 the professionals at Indy Soft Water have been helping residents transform the feel and taste of their city water and well water systems. Learn more about who we are and our products and services by contacting us at (317) 228-9822. We serve Carmel and the surrounding areas.

Water Softener Rentals

At Indy Soft Water, we believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of soft water. With that in mind, we designed a low-cost rental program that makes soft water possible for everyone. The affordable fee even includes maintenance and service issues, should any arise. Be sure to ask us about the program today.

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Carmel IN Commercial Water Softener Systems

Economy Water Softeners

Soft water should not cost an arm and a leg. At Indy Soft Water, we understand the importance of soft water, which is why we offer economy water softeners. There are many benefits to having soft water, including easier to wash dishes and cleaner feeling skin, hair, and clothes.

High-Efficiency Softeners

These highly efficient water softeners save on both salt and water usage, meaning they also save you money. A water softener works to extend the life span and efficiency of all your water-using appliances by preventing scale from building up in the water heater, washer, dishwasher, and other hot-water using appliances.

Carmel IN Commercial Water Softener Systems

Whole Home Water Softeners

What do you get when you combine a water softener with a drinking water system? A whole house system that gives you clear, chlorine-free water at every tap. Our systems have advanced electronics and patented communication technology that make them one of the smartest systems on the market.

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Iron & Well Water Filtration

If you’re noticing a rotten-egg odor and/or rust-colored or black staining of your clothing and hot-water using appliances, chances are you need to add an iron filter to your soft water system. People who have a well or who live in areas with very hard water often will need extra help to mitigate these issues.

Why Choose Us?

Out of all the water softener companies, here’s why to choose Indy Soft Water:

We prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly American-made products of the
highest quality and efficiency.
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  • Our carefully selected products reduce the amount of energy, water, and salt consumed.
  • They reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • EcoWater products have a zero-carbon footprint.


We service and repair softeners and filters from 30 + models.

Our technicians undergo a months-long rigorous training and screening program.

Our ERO 385 reverse osmosis system filters out undesirable elements, such as chlorine, nitrates, VOCs, ibuprofen, and forever chemicals.

We offer virtual and in-home consultations.

Our customers can count on our professional service and repairs, including 24/7 emergency service.

We support our community and are a peer-recognized dealer.

We are a local, family-owned, and woman-run business.

Protect your appliances, make cleaning easier, and nurture your skin with a water softener from Indy Soft Water. Our technicians are ready to help you create the water system that best serves your family. Contact us at (317) 228-9822. We serve Carmel and the surrounding areas including Noblesville, Fishers, Westfield, and Zionsville.

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