Do Water Softeners Remove Chlorine?

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When you start looking into water quality, one of the biggest concerns that pops up is usually chlorine. The water treatment plants add chlorine to our water as a disinfectant. So if you don’t have a way to filter the chlorine out, you’ll end up drinking chlorine and using chlorinated water for your showers, the kids’ baths, and laundry. That’s why most people decide to get a water system that specializes in chlorine removal.

What Water Softeners Actually Do

Water softeners work to remove calcium and magnesium from your hard tap water. When those minerals are left in your water, you can get hard deposits on your faucets and water spots on your clean dishes. Hard water also dries out your skin and hair and can leave your laundry feeling scratchy.

What a softener does is filter out those hard water minerals. This makes your water soft! Meaning, it’s easier to rinse clean, which has all kinds of benefits. Your water-using appliances tend to work better with soft water because there aren’t any minerals to interfere with the inner components. You should also get softer laundry, cleaner dishes, and a much better lifespan on your home’s water heater.

How to Remove Chlorine in Water

Having a home water softener is good on its own. But when you’re concerned about chlorine, you’ll have to look at some other system options. A softener alone isn’t designed to remove chlorine from your water.

The systems that remove chlorine from your water are typically called water refiners. These are special water softener units that are also designed for chlorine removal. Once you have one in place, you’ll get chlorine-free soft water for all of your taps, including your shower water, faucets, and water-using appliances. (Which helps your clothes from fading in the laundry.) Not all softeners come with this feature though, so you’ll need to review your system’s options.

Whole Home Water System Benefits

You can think of a water softener as the “good” option for your home and the water refiner as the “better” setup. For the total package though, you’ll want to go with a whole home water system. These setups include drinking water filtration. Then you’ll get clean water for everything you and your family needs!

It’s important to have extra filtration for your drinking water because our water can pick up things like lead and microbes as it travels from the treatment plant. Filtering our water right at the tap ensures that everything your drinking is clean and safe. Plus, it tastes a whole lot better. You’ll enjoy your coffee and tea even more when you start with tasty filtered water. Delicious water is a great incentive for staying hydrated throughout the day.

Cover all your bases with a whole home water system, and you’ll really be worry-free with your water. Getting rid of chlorine is so much healthier for us, and soft water makes it easier to clean up and do chores. If you need help finding the right water units for your home, our team at Indy Soft Water is here to help!

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