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We love making things easy. With $99 installation and all of your service included in a low monthly fee for water softener and high efficiency water softener rentals, we think we’ve nailed it! You will love our award-winning service. Just ask our water softener rental customers about our top-notch response time.
“I currently rent a water softener by Indy Soft Water and could not be happier. They will come out every 3 years to maintain the softener at no charge. Every part of the experience has been great. The scheduler is friendly, you receive a courtesy call that they are on their way, and the service maintenance technician, Scott, was very helpful. I am the kind of person who likes to know how everything works and Scott had no problem explaining what the parts were and how to properly maintain the system. I liked how he explained how salt pellets are made and why they can lead to salt-bridges. He shared his personal experience with the different kinds of salts and recommended a new product for me to try.”
Our economical, metered water softener rental systems have a low monthly fee with maintenance included.

Still have questions? No problem! We’ve answered some of our more common questions about softener rentals below.
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Common Questions About Our Water Softener Rentals

How much does water softener rental cost?

The basic installation fee for a pre-plumbed home is $99. There may be additional charges If your plumbing needs any modifications (which you’ll know about ahead of time). Prices can vary if you have well water or other contaminant risks, but standard water softener rental for city water is only $24.95 per month.

What do water softener rentals include?

Although softener salt is not included with rentals, your unit is covered for any service issues it might need. We also prioritize our rental customers’ service requests and try to arrive within that business day or next-day for your convenience.

How do I get in touch to rent a water softener?

Contact us by phone or email so we can schedule a time to come out to test your water and check your plumbing. There is no charge for this consultation. We do this to make sure your setup is a good fit and that we’ll be prepared on your installation day. That way, we’re all on the same page. (No surprises!)
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