Should You Purchase a Water Softener or Rent from Indy Soft Water?

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Hard water leaves residue on sinks, tubs, and showers. It’s also hard on appliances, dishes, hair, and skin. You may understand the benefits a water softener provides, but wrestle with whether it makes sense to purchase a water softener or rent one. At Indy Soft Water, we help our customers navigate this and other questions. This article covers five factors to consider when making your decision.

1. Your Living Situation

If you own your home, it may make more sense to purchase a water softener. Doing so can add value to your home, which is a worthwhile investment. On the other hand, if you live in an apartment or a rental, it may make more sense to rent a water softener.

2. How Long You Plan to Live in the Property

Are you planning on moving any time soon? If you expect to move within the next six months, it doesn’t make sense to invest in the purchase of a water softener just for personal use. If the water is too hard and you want a short-term solution, you can rent one. At the same time, investing in a new water softener purchase for the home is a benefit to both you and the buyer. A recently purchased unit should be included with the other highlights and features captured in your sale sheet.

3. Your Credit Score

Unless you have the money to purchase a water softener outright, you may have to choose a rental option if you have poor credit. Some people finance their purchases, and financing is subject to credit approval. Fortunately, renting comes in handy in this situation.

4. Your Decision-Making Process

Some people make snap buying decisions, while others take time to make even minor decisions. For those who tend to research, analyze, and run through options and scenarios at length, renting a system may make sense at first instead of buying. If you’re not certain hard water is your sole issue, or if you want to test a model before committing, you may choose to rent for a short time. However, it’s important to note that not all models for sale may be available to rent.

5. Maintenance & Repairs

Like most major appliances, when you purchase a water softener, you also get a warranty. Our product warranties are comprehensive. However, even the best warranties don’t last forever or cover every maintenance issue or repair that may occur throughout the product’s lifetime. The warranty on a new water softener should cover you. Simultaneously, if the thought of maintenance and potential repairs keep you up at night, renting a water softener is another option. Renters typically are not obligated to cover maintenance and repair costs.

Why Indy Soft Water?

Indy Soft Water carries more than 30 models of water softeners. Whether you purchase a water softener or decide to rent one, we have you covered. If you live in Carmel or the surrounding areas of Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, or Zionsville, call us today at (317) 228-9822 to schedule a consultation, or contact us online.

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