Carmel Water Quality Report: Do We Need to Filter City-Treated Water?

filter city treated water Indy Soft Water 2406 1

Having a reliable municipal water supply is great. We can count on getting water flowing from the tap around the clock, whenever we need it. Plus, the water has already been treated by the city. Yet there are still a few concerns surrounding city-treated water. No matter where you’re located in the country, it’s a […]

What’s Better—RO Water Filters or UV Filtration?

RO Water Filters vs UV Filitration 2211

Finding the best water filtration method tends to come down to two factors. First, we need to understand the water quality issues that are currently happening at your property. Then we’ll want to know about your personal preferences for taste and energy efficiency. Reverse osmosis (RO) water filters and ultraviolet (UV) treatment solutions are two […]

Want Better Coffee? Simplify the Science and Start with Your Water

better coffee water filtration science ISW 2210

Coffee is a personal experience. So really, when it comes to making your ideal cup and the coffee science, you can make it as relaxed or technical as you’d like! That being said, there are a few easy ways to improve your brew every time. Namely, with your coffee water filtration! The Science of Brewing […]

5 Types of Water and How They Differ


Have you ever wondered about different types of water and how they compare and contrast with one another? For instance, how is distilled water different from drinking water (or is it?)? Some differences are more evident than others, but they can still be confusing. For this reason, Indy Soft Water – Carmel reviews five types […]

Why Hard Water in Winter Is the Worst

woman in mirror

There is no denying that winter can be brutal. Winter months cause your skin to become dry, itchy, and flaky. You try to moisturize and warm up with a hot shower or relaxing bath, but does it help? Depending on your water situation, it may do more harm than good. In this post, Indy Soft […]

Comparing: Which Type of Water Is Best for Drinking?

clear water getting poured into a drinking glass

Health-minded people spend a lot of time researching and comparing what they put into their bodies. When it comes to drinking water, people can choose from a variety of options. Some prefer one brand over another, while others like a certain taste. But, which type of water—filtered, spring, tap, or distilled—is the best option for […]

Commercial Water Purification Offers Quality Filtered Drinking Water


Employers scramble to find benefits for prospective employees in addition to historical benefits. For example, remote work options, wellness packages, and office culture are currently popular. Obviously, some incentives are easier to accomplish than others. Indy Soft Water wants you to know that commercial water purification is one easy benefit that employees love, and this […]

How Quality Drinking Water Improves Health and Well-Being

woman pouring water

Virtually everyone understands that water is essential to survival. While people can last weeks without food, they can only last a couple of days without water. In addition to survival, quality drinking water impacts health and well-being in numerous positive ways. Indy Soft Water is on a mission to provide quality water, and this post […]

4 Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Water System for Your Home

woman drinking water

Of all the water filtration methods, reverse osmosis (RO) remains the most popular due to its consistent performance. As a result, Indy Soft Water has installed RO systems in homes across Hamilton County and beyond. If you’re wondering whether an RO water filtration system would serve your family, this post will help. We will focus […]

Moving to a House with Well Water? Here’s What to Know

hands turning on the sink faucet

We use water every day. It’s a staple in every home, and it’s vital for our overall health. From staying hydrated to doing the chores, water quality matters. So you’ll probably have a few questions when you’re moving to a house with well water. And even if you’ve been living with well water for quite […]

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