Why Clean Living Doesn’t Work without Filtered Water

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Water plays a big (and often overlooked) role in the kitchen. Every pot of pasta, couscous, and rice requires water for cooking. But when it comes to the culinary arts, tap water won’t cut it. A handy RO filter can help give your kitchen a 4-star rating.

Why RO Water?

Not all water filters are created the same. Some have multiple stages of filtration. Others only have one. The difference is kind of like using fresh, vibrant green beans in a recipe instead of the ones from the can. Using one over the other has very different outcomes. RO systems with multiple filters ensure you’re giving your family the very best drinking water.

1. Better Taste

It’s no wonder that the top restaurants will only work with filtered water. You can’t beat the taste! Everything from ice cubes to craft-brewed beer relies on quality drinking water. Freshly filtered water is the main ingredient for coffee and tea too. Because water makes up the flavor base, it doesn’t matter how great your other ingredients are. Without delicious water, your soup, lemonade, and just about anything else coming out of your kitchen won’t be at their best.

2. Chlorine-Free

Chlorine is used to clean tap water at the treatment plants, but it can’t protect your water from everything. And the fact that some chlorine remains in your tap water raises a lot of concerns. In addition to the strange smell, drinking chlorine has certain health risks. An RO system with a carbon filter stage can effectively remove the chlorine, and the RO process will catch any other contaminants that the regular treatment process might have missed.

3. No Contaminants

RO water filters work to remove things like nitrates, microbes, and even lead from your water. Only powerful water filters can reduce heavy metals and nitrates. Without one of these systems in your home, your family might be exposed to contaminated water. Indiana’s aging water infrastructure is an issue for all of us in the area. Lead pipes can release toxins into our “treated” tap water. A home filter is often the last line of defense to make sure your water is safe and clean.

4. Cleaner Kitchen

Your clean water isn’t just for cooking. RO filters can even make it easier to clean your kitchen. It all comes down to water chemistry. When your RO system removes the contaminants and chlorine, it also helps take care of your water’s minerals. All the dissolved minerals in tap water tend to interfere with soap. Once they’re gone, wiping grease or gunk off your countertop gets a lot simpler. It’s a hidden perk of RO water that a lot of people don’t know about.

The reverse osmosis process makes sure your water is clean and contaminant-free. The best filters don’t just focus on one water issue—they cover the whole gamut. A multi-stage system ensures that you and your family are protected from bacteria, chlorine, and lead in your drinking water. When you have one of these filters in place, your entire kitchen experience gets a major upgrade!

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