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When you want both your drinking water and your household water to be the best they can be, then a whole home system is what you need. At Indy Soft Water, our professionals will work with you to recommend the solution that works for your home, your water, and your family. We even offer a variety of specials to help you save on water softeners. Contact us at (317) 228-9822. We serve Carmel and the surrounding areas.

Remove Chlorine & More

A whole house water softener system features a water softener for your home that also removes chlorine. We then pair that unit with a drinking water system for full-home functionality. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A lifetime warranty on premium resin to take the guesswork out of your water quality (backed by EcoWater).
  • Chlorine-free water from every tap in your home.
  • Advanced electronics and patented communication technology. Combine the ERR 3702 water softener with the HERO 385 drinking water system for one of the smartest water treatment programs available. The Hero 385 tracks your usage and lets you know when to change filters.

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Why Choose Us?

Out of all the water softener companies, here’s why to choose Indy Soft Water:

We prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly American-made products of the
highest quality and efficiency.
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  • Our carefully selected products reduce the amount of energy, water, and salt consumed.
  • They reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • EcoWater products have a zero-carbon footprint.


We service and repair softeners and filters from 30 + models.

Our technicians undergo a months-long rigorous training and screening program.

Our ERO 385 reverse osmosis system filters out undesirable elements, such as chlorine, nitrates, VOCs, ibuprofen, and forever chemicals.

We offer virtual and in-home consultations.

Our customers can count on our professional service and repairs, including 24/7 emergency service.

We support our community and are a peer-recognized dealer.

We are a local, family-owned, and woman-run business.

Featured Products

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ECR 3702 R30

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Nelsen 3200K Softener

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Nelsen 4800K Softener

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ERR3702 R30

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ECR 3700

Five Star Service

Very happy with our experience!

Very happy with our experience. We installed a RO system in our home and after shopping around, Indy Soft water offered the most value for the price. They were able to come out within a few days of scheduling the appointment and installation took about an hour. Mark (the installer) was very friendly and helpful when explaining how the system works. Would highly recommend Indy Soft Water for you softener or drinking water needs!

Kyle L.


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What is a whole home water system?

A whole house system uses carbon media and traditional water softening in one unit, as well as a drinking water system in the kitchen. By going through this step first, all of the water in your home will be chlorine-free. Plus, you’ll have delicious, filtered drinking water. It’s the ultimate combination for clean, fuss-free water at every point in your home.

Home Water Filter System in Carmel IN

Why do I need a water system for my home?

Whole house systems are great because they cover all your bases. They can remove the tough contaminants from your family’s drinking water (including pharmaceuticals, lead, and other heavy metals) and will even make your favorite t-shirt and jeans last longer by removing your water’s chlorine. Did we mention you’ll get fresher shower water, too? Talk about a win-win-win!

If you have other water issues to deal with, check out more options like our high-efficiency softeners, , iron and well water filtration, softener rentals, and our salt delivery service.

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Make sure your home is water ready with a whole home water softener system from Indy Soft Water. Since 1996 our family-owned business has been serving residential and commercial customers throughout the Carmel area including Noblesville, Fishers, Westfield, and Zionsville. Contact us at (317) 228-9822 to set up an appointment or to learn more about who we are.

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