Want a Better Hot Shower? Check Your Water!

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Running out of hot water in the shower is never fun, especially during the colder months. How is your water heater holding up? When the temperatures drop outside, we still want to be warm and cozy indoors. This means having comfortable heating settings for each room and hot water at every faucet. If your family is missing out, you’ve got a couple things to check. Hot water is better when you have the right equipment.

Improve Your Water Heater Efficiency

Homes that can count on consistent hot water tend to have water heaters that are in good working order. But these systems don’t have to be brand-new to deliver great efficiency. Having the right kind of water in your home makes a big difference in how your water-using appliances operate. High mineral content in your water can leave tough buildup on your water heater’s components. Soft water, on the other hand, helps keep that mineral scale out of your home appliances. That’s good news for system efficiency!

When your water heater uses hard water, that mineral buildup (or limescale deposits) can settle on the bottom of your tank, around its sides, and along the heat exchangers. This causes your unit to work harder than normal to heat your water. The water heater then has to run longer, which ends up wasting energy.

An independent study from the Water Quality Research Foundation found that even two years of running hard water through your system can make a difference in your efficiency rating. The results for gas water heaters showed that the average efficiency dropped from 70.4 percent to 67.4 percent after just two years of hard water. The instantaneous water heaters fared even worse, dropping from 80 percent to 72 percent from 1.6 years of service. But with soft water, the change was almost negligible. That’s why homes that have a water softener installed often have a better lifespan and efficiency score for their water heaters!

Upgrade Your Whole Home Water System

The other part of upgrading your home’s water quality is to look into chlorine removal. This is especially important for the water we use for bathing. The chlorine found in tap water can do a real number on your skin and hair in the shower. When those chemicals are left in your water, they can dry out your skin and make your hair feel brittle. For extra-high chlorine levels, you might even notice a bleach-like smell mixed in with your shower steam. Most people don’t want to breathe that in, which is why chlorine removal comes in handy.

To get rid of the chlorine in your home’s water, you need a special type of filter. Fortunately, some water softeners actually double as chlorine removal systems. Once installed, they work to keep all of the water that enters your home soft and chlorine-free. The result is fresher, cleaner shower water, softener laundry, and spot-free dishes. And because soft water rinses away completely, you won’t have to deal with any more soap scum around the tub, either!

Homes that have great hot water usually rely on a whole home water system. This works in conjunction with their regular water heater to deliver hot, soft water all throughout the house. In addition to better shower water, they also enjoy a more efficient dishwasher and laundry machine. Water that’s also chlorine-free protects the rubber gaskets on water-using appliances and prevents scale buildup from forming on the intricate parts. But this only happens when you have the right water system for your home’s setup.

Your family size, water usage, and special filtration needs will all play a part in determining which units will be best for your home. Talking with your local soft water and filtration expert can help you find your ideal match. If you’re in the Indianapolis area, we’d love to hear from you! Just send us a message or call (317) 228-9822 to start the conversation. We’ll help you get the high-quality water you and your family deserve!

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