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How Water Filters Care for the Planet

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When you’re passionate about supporting the planet, every day can become Earth Day. You probably already practice conservation by turning off the lights in empty rooms or shopping with reusable bags. In our opinion, living “green” doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Even minor adjustments to you and your family’s lifestyle can make a difference.

How Water Filters Help You—and the Environment

Saving water and plastic are some of the easiest ways to help the planet. That’s why we’re always encouraging people to take a look at their drinking water habits. Getting a water filter installed is a relatively small change, but it has a big impact!

1. Reduce how much you spend on water

If you’re buying piles of bottled water for your family (or business, for that matter), a home water filter can easily become your new best friend. These units do a great job of saving people money. Just run the numbers. By some estimates, the wholesale cost of one bottle of water is more than a dollar. Put another way, bottled water can end up being 300 times more than tap water. You’re not just tripling the price with that expenses, you’re going to some real extremes.

It only costs mere pennies to filter your water and fill up a bottle at your own tap. Instead of paying for plastic water bottles, you can save a lot more by going with a filter.

2. Reuse your water bottle with refills

Of course, it’s not just about the costs. Reducing plastic use is another popular reason to go with water filters. When you can commit to filling up a reusable water bottle, you’ll be able to end a lot of plastic waste in the world.

There are plenty of ways to fight the plastic habit. But we’ve got to say, getting rid of bottled water might be the smartest way to go. Carrying a reusable water bottle with you is a great reminder to stay hydrated. Just top it off before you start your day or head out the door. You’ll end up saving money, and you’ll likely feel better too—in more ways than one. Drinking water helps your overall health, and you’ll also have the emotional bonus of knowing that you’re helping the environment.

3. Recycle (and upgrade!) your water

We live in a society where we already have water flowing to our homes. So let’s make the most of it! Stop buying disposable water bottles, fill up your reusable one, and enjoy the taste of fresh, filtered water right at your tap. It’s like you’re recycling what you’re already getting for practically free. But with an upgrade.

After all, most bottled water is just glorified tap water that isn’t even filtered. When you filter with your own system, though, you can ensure that the leftover chlorine from the treatment plant is gone for good. The right water filters will polish your water and give you a great taste for all your beverages, from plain water to coffee and tea. There’s no reason to spend money on bottled water when we can just filter what we already have.

Features of Green Water Filters

When you’re ready to make the switch, be sure to do a little homework on the different water filters that are available. Going with a truly green water filter means your unit knows how to conserve water. This isn’t always the case. Some systems have to waste water during the filtration process, but a high-efficiency water filter works to give you clean water with every drop.

Make sure your new filter can tackle the tough contaminants, and you should be all set. You don’t want to risk having lead in your drinking water or other heavy metals. Once you find your match, it can get installed right under your kitchen sink. Then you’ll be able to help your pocketbook—and the planet—with one smart filter.

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