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5 Wise Water Conservation Home Improvement Projects

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We’re huge proponents of reusable water bottles and point-of-use filtration. So naturally, we talk about those topics a lot! But conservation efforts aren’t only about putting an end to the unnecessary plastic waste from disposable bottles of water. How we use our water around the house makes a big difference too.

5 Easy Solutions for Water Conservation—and to Save Money

There are a handful of quick weekend projects that can help your family cut back on your water usage year-round. And those affordable investments can also lead to some nice savings on your water bills down the road!

Of course, conserving your water usage is about more than just saving money. (Though it helps.) We also want to make sure our water resources will be available for years and generations to come. When we take steps to reduce our home’s water waste, we’ll be able to protect our water table and the local environment as a whole.

1. Embrace Native Landscaping

The Indianapolis are may not be a desert, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be a little more careful about our choices for more native landscaping. The right gardening combinations also help support our natural wildlife. So what’s not to love?

Looking at drought-resistant plants is one of the best ways to make your home more water-efficient. It’s also helpful to review your soil composition before you make the investment in a new shrub or another flower bed. Plants will perform differently in clay-type soil vs sandy soil or higher levels of loam content. Make sure you’re choosing things that will have the best chance to thrive in your property’s environment.

2. Find a Great Rain Barrel

Another easy way to lower your water dependence in your yard is to set up a rain barrel or two. Then you could have gallons of water on standby whenever you need to give your plants an extra drink on hotter days.

3. Switch to Low-Flow Fixtures

New sink faucets and showerheads can work as both design-upgrades and functional-upgrades. It’s just a simple fix, and when you match them to some new hardware for your cabinets or a fresh set of doorknobs, you can completely change the look of your bathroom.

Most showerheads that were made before 1995 use up about 50 percent more water than today’s models. You don’t necessarily need to take shorter showers to conserve water and save on your bills. Just swap out the old for the new and call it a day. (Then maybe you’ll want to buy a better water conservation toilet for the master bath too.)

4. Find and Fix Any Leaks

That slow drip on your faucet or running toilet may not seem like much, but that water waste really does add up over time. Grab the right tools and knock that repair off your to-do list. Better yet, pull back the fridge to make sure it hasn’t been leaking. If you have a hot tub, do another quick check there. You wouldn’t want those problems to get worse before you finally catch them.

5. Continue to Monitor Your Own Usage

Our daily lives depend on clean water. The better we can watch our own water habits, the better off all of us will be. Obviously our bank accounts can also benefit! Rather than do multiple half-loads of laundry or half-full dishwasher runs, wait until you run those at full capacity to really make those gallons of water count. But, in a sense, the reverse is also true. Instead of filling up the entire bathtub, for example, maybe you only need to go half-way.

More importantly—when we’re faced with major decisions for our homes, going with the appliance options that come with the ENERGY STAR label certainly make an impact. That’s one of the main reasons why we choose to work with high-efficiency water softeners. Water conservation is truly a community effort. From our family and team here at Indy Soft Water, thanks for doing your part to help!

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