Cheers! How Water Can Boost Company Morale

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You don’t usually need complicated incentive programs to give your company morale a boost. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. Just take the idea of a micro-break, an optional 5- to 10-minute respite that employees can take anytime they need.

Feeling frazzled or overwhelmed at work doesn’t do us any good. But a short pause (outside of a lunch break) can impact our motivation and concentration—not to mention our mood. These micro-breaks might be used on a quick stroll around the office or a chat with a coworker in the break room. If it’s a way to unwind, it’s a go.

Break Room Ideas for Company Morale

Getting to physically step away from your desk is the best way to start a micro-break. That’s why we often think of the break room first. It’s good to be able to unplug a few times during the workday, and we’re more likely to do so when we have a good reason to get a change of scenery. According to one researcher the micro-break process is similar to proper hydration: Instead of gulping a lot of water at once, it’s better to sip on small glasses of water throughout the day. We love this analogy!

So for a super-effective micro-break, why not pair hydration with your down time? An office that has great-tasting water is a win for everyone. With a point of use drinking water system, employees can grab a cool glass of water during their micro-break, then sip on it as they catch up with coworkers or take a couple minutes to walk outside.

Proper hydration helps keep our energy levels up, but you have to want to grab a drink first. Another component of company morale is having great options for your hydration. Drinking tasty coffee and tea also counts toward our water intake quota, so we shouldn’t be shy about mixing up our drink choices.

Water and Workplace Wellness

It’s important to remember that staying well hydrated plays a major role for all components of our health and wellness. But in order to get all the benefits, we have to drink enough water every day. Fortunately, our bodies send a variety of signals to help us out and alert us to possible dehydration.

Being thirsty is probably the most obvious signs of dehydration, but it shouldn’t be the only thing we notice. That thirsty feeling means we’re already pretty dehydrated. Noticing a darker urine color or any of these other symptoms could be a good reason to grab a tall glass of water:

  • Dry Skin
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Mood Changes
  • Impaired Alertness
  • Sugar Cravings
  • Disrupted Sleep

A proactive approach to hydration is a huge boon for our overall wellness, plus it helps with our productivity at work. Of course, it’s hard to stay interested in your drinking water when it has a funky taste or odor. To prevent this problem from happening, many workspaces choose to have a commercial water filter installed. Your team is more likely to stay hydrated when your water is clean. And that will lead to delicious tea, coffee, and even cocoa! A company water filter can help make these beverages taste better than ever.

Give Your Team the Best!

It’s always nice to have a cozy and tidy break room for relaxing, and that goes even farther when the space includes some delicious treats for your team. Clean water can go a long way for your company morale. Settling for plain tap water just doesn’t cut it. Besides, dealing with expensive jug water coolers just isn’t efficient. The best setups have point of use water filtration.

If you’re ready to boost your company morale and help with productivity along the way, investing in your water is always a safe bet. Indy Soft Water can help. With our selection of water filtration systems and connections with great coffee vendors, our team can help your team stay hydrated and really shine.

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