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The Elements of a Cozy Winter Home

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After the holidays, the winter weather can start to take a toll on our spirits. The weeks of dry winter air, dry skin, and chapped lips are harder to overlook once the new year sets in. But this halfway point for winter doesn’t have to be a drag. When you’ve got the right cozy home setup, keeping comfortable during winter is easy.

New Year Home Necessities

The winter lifestyle is full of snuggly relaxation. Hanging out by the fireplace or getting comfortable with your warmest pair of socks is all part of the season’s spirit. As we roll in to the new year, these characteristics should stay top-of-mind. The elements of a cozy home are pretty simple when you pay attention to these details.

Smooth Skin

No one likes feeling scratchy. To protect your family from dry skin, you’ve got to have good water. Hard water is both hard on your skin, and hard on morale.

Tip: Shower with soft, chlorine-free water. Water softeners with chlorine removal can keep your skin hydrated all winter long. (And getting rid of hard water minerals helps your hair stay  smooth and silky, too.)

Clean Air

This season can also make your air feel extra dry. Fortunately, improving your indoor air quality is pretty easy. And since we’re spending so much time indoors, it’s well worth the update.

Tip: Keep your air fresh with new humidifier. Water softeners go hand-in-hand with water-using appliances, including home humidifiers. Adding a little more moisture to your air can make it a lot easier to breathe during the colder months.

Hot Drinks

Nothing quite matches the simple delight of holding a hot mug of your favorite wintertime beverage. Indulge with hot chocolate, hot tea, or a good cup of coffee for the ultimate home relaxation.

Tip: Filtered water takes your drinks from “good” to “great.” You take care when you pick out tea blends or the roast on your coffee beans, right? Let filtered water maximize those flavors!

Cozy Sheets

When you turn in for the night, do your sheets feel soft, or a little stiff? Clean, comfy bedding is an absolute must for home comfort. Hard water just makes your laundry feel scratchy and rough.

Tip: Check the salt level in your water softener. Units that don’t have enough salt won’t be able to supply your laundry machine with the water quality you need for soft linens and blankets.

Healthy Habits

January is the month for new goals and smart lifestyle changes. Homes that are both comfortable and health-conscious start the year right with a stocked fridge.

Tip: Load up on fresh fruits and veggies. It’s easier to stay on track when you have the right ingredients on hand. Pick up a few reusable water bottles too. Then you can make some really tasty infused water recipes.

The Indoor Winter Magic

Whether it’s a winter wonderland outdoors or just bitter cold and frightful shouldn’t affect your indoor haven. Being able to snuggle up inside is part of what makes the winter season so family-focused and fun.

Other elements of a cozy home are having your favorite music playing while you’re fixing dinner. Maybe lighting a few candles during movie night? We don’t need to ignore our home ambience just because the holidays are over. Keeping that winter magic well into the new year helps us relax and unwind. So, as you hunker down indoors to stay cozy for the rest of winter, remember—this can still be the most wonderful time of the year!

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This website uses cookies to ensure the best user experience. Click here to view our privacy policy.

This website uses cookies to ensure the best user experience. Click here to view our privacy policy.