What’s the Right Amount of Salt for Water Softeners?

much water softener salt Indianapolis Soft Water

As with so many things in life, there’s a sort of Goldilocks situation for figuring out your water softener salt usage. You don’t want to use too little, because then your unit can’t work properly. But you also shouldn’t have to deal with a system that’s always running low on salt, because that probably means […]

Oops! Common Water Softener Installation Problems

Common Water Softener Install Problems Indy Soft Water 1901

When you decide to get a water softener installation project underway for your home, you’ll get a lot of benefits. You should start noticing softer laundry, clearer glasses from the dishwasher, and better water for your showers. But the advantages of soft water won’t quite cut it if your water softener installation was done incorrectly. […]

Water Softener Questions to Ask Before You Make Repairs

Water Softener Questions Repairs Indy Soft Water 1807

Dealing with hard water when you have a broken water softener gets old fast. But how do you know when it’s better to spring for water softener repair instead of a brand-new unit? (Spoiler: There’s more than just a price tag at play.) The Repair vs. Replace Debate Deciding when to repair or replace an […]

Sneaky Causes of a High Water Bill

Sneaky Causes High Water Bill Indy Soft Water 1805

As we gear up for another great summer season, it’s often common (and also, unfortunate) to see your water bills rising. To help dispel your concerns, just make your way through this checklist. We’ve outlined the top five reasons for a high water bill so you can figure out what’s causing the spikes—and what you […]

Why Would I Want to Bypass My Water Softener?

Water Softener Bypass Valve Indy Soft Water 1805

If you already have a water softener installed, you might wonder why you’d ever want to “turn it off.” Soft water is great for your indoor chores because it helps certain appliances run more efficiently. But that doesn’t mean you need to use soft water outside, too. In fact, that bypass valve can be pretty handy […]

What to Do with Your Water Softener While Traveling

If you’re going out of town in winter there are a few things you can do to help keep your water softener safe. Check out these Q&A precaution points to ensure you won’t come back to any surprises when your appliances were home alone. We’re going out of town for 1-3 weeks. Do we need […]

When Is It Better to Rent a Water Softener?

father and daughter washing laundry with soft water

When you know you have hard water and you’re ready to get a softener, the next step is figuring out how you want to use it. Should you buy your unit, or rent it? Knowing whether to buy or rent can be a lot more involved than just figuring out how long you’ll be at […]

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