Want Better Coffee? Simplify the Science and Start with Your Water

better coffee water filtration science ISW 2210

Coffee is a personal experience. So really, when it comes to making your ideal cup and the coffee science, you can make it as relaxed or technical as you’d like! That being said, there are a few easy ways to improve your brew every time. Namely, with your coffee water filtration! The Science of Brewing […]

Does Drinking Infused Water Make a Difference?

drinking infused water difference ISW 2207

Good, clean water always beats out sugary drinks when it comes to health and wellness. The question, then, is what kind of water is best? Does infused water make that much of a difference compared to drinking regular filtered water? 5 Benefits of Drinking Infused Water The first thing to note is that infused water […]

The Gift of Pure Water—for Everyone On Your Holiday List!

holiday gift pure water Indy Soft Water 2111

Thoughtful gifts aren’t always easy to figure out . Everyone has different preferences, so it’s hard to guess what they’ll like best. That’s why we’re all for keeping things simple during the holidays: Give the gift of pure water! 5 Reasons to Give Pure Water for the Holidays A good home water system covers all […]

6 Tap Water Smells—and Where They Come From

woman's hands holding a glass of water

We love sipping on fragrant hot coffee and tea. But smelly water? No thanks! If your faucet is giving you something “extra” with your water, it’s good to do a little investigating. The most common bad tap water smells each come with their own set of quirks. Once you figure out what’s going on, you’ll […]

Filter Options for Minerals in Your Drinking Water

man pouring a glass of filtered water from a pitcher at kitchen counter

When water doesn’t taste good, it’s all too easy to reach for something else to drink. But since clean drinking water is one of the best things for us, avoiding water altogether can certainly be a problem. If your tap water tastes bad, you don’t need to pour money into bottled water. Having a home […]

How to Deal with Black Water Stains

person washing hands at sink with a black background

Water is a crucial part of having a clean home. We rely on it as a “master” cleaner to help wash the dishes, do the laundry, and more. So when your water starts to leave black stains, that really sets things back. Your tap water is supposed to be clean and rinse away completely. If […]

Carmel Water Quality and Filtration Solutions

Carmel Indiana Water Quality Indy Soft Water 2009

All across the country, when you go to different cities, there are different things to see. Every area has its own unique characteristics. You’ll even notice differences with the water. From the water in your morning shower to the ice in your drink, water quality changes depending on the area’s water treatment process and other […]

Does My Water pH Actually Matter?

woman holding a glass of ice water with cucumber and lemon slices

Swapping out a can of soda for a bottle of water generally sounds like a healthy choice. But what happens when you go with alkaline water? Does that mean you get extra benefits? Alkaline Water Health and Body pH We all know that hydration is important. And our water pH is definitely important too. That’s […]

Want a Free RO System? Take the Clean Water Pledge!

young girl watering plants in the backyard

There are plenty of small steps we can take to make a positive difference in our local community—and for the environment. That’s why we want to shine a light on water conservation this month. To help spread the word, we’re excited to donate one of our most popular home water filtration systems to support a […]

Are the PFAS Forever Chemicals Actually Forever?

woman looking at glass of drinking water, confused

One of the challenges with drinking water safety is that “clear” water isn’t necessarily an indicator that the water is “clean.” From microscopic parasites to dangerous metals like lead, your tap water could have more problems than you’d expect. The issue of PFAS forever chemicals in water is just another item on the list. Fortunately, […]

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