Does Drinking Infused Water Make a Difference?

drinking infused water difference ISW 2207

Good, clean water always beats out sugary drinks when it comes to health and wellness. The question, then, is what kind of water is best? Does infused water make that much of a difference compared to drinking regular filtered water? 5 Benefits of Drinking Infused Water The first thing to note is that infused water […]

Now’s the Time: Get Your School Drinking Water Tested

indiana school drinking fountain testing Indy Soft Water

As school maintenance crews gear up for summer and upgrades around the campus, there’s one area that shouldn’t get overlooked. Your school drinking water quality needs to be tested on a regular basis to ensure that it’s safe. The summer season is the perfect time to get that done. Then you can make your school […]

How to Find the Best RO Water Filter for the Money

best reverse osmosis system price Indy Soft Water 2106

When you’re thinking of making a new investment for your home, obviously you need to think about the price—and the impact. How much can you save on the reverse osmosis system price? And what’s the real long-term value for your family? In terms of everyday living, water quality is at the top of the list. […]

Filter Options for Minerals in Your Drinking Water

man pouring a glass of filtered water from a pitcher at kitchen counter

When water doesn’t taste good, it’s all too easy to reach for something else to drink. But since clean drinking water is one of the best things for us, avoiding water altogether can certainly be a problem. If your tap water tastes bad, you don’t need to pour money into bottled water. Having a home […]

Want a Free RO System? Take the Clean Water Pledge!

young girl watering plants in the backyard

There are plenty of small steps we can take to make a positive difference in our local community—and for the environment. That’s why we want to shine a light on water conservation this month. To help spread the word, we’re excited to donate one of our most popular home water filtration systems to support a […]

3 Signs Your RO Water Filter Needs to Be Swapped Out

Glass of RO water on the kitchen counter.

There are certain maintenance issues that are easy to remember. For example, most of us know when it’s time to change the oil in our car. Or we might have reminders for swapping out the air filter for our home’s HVAC system. Remembering to change your RO water filter can be another matter. But when […]

What Makes Reverse Osmosis Filtration Work, Anyway?

Reverse Osmosis Filtration Work Indy Soft Water 1901

For truly safe water, reverse osmosis filtration is the way to go. Because although the water treatment plant has multiple stages of filtration, our municipal water isn’t always as clean as you’d like. Chlorine disinfectants and hard water minerals are still left in our water even after it’s been “filtered.” (Not to mention the lead […]

What Do Fridge Filters Remove vs. Reverse Osmosis?

What Do Fridge Filters Remove Indy Soft Water 1809

Take a glance at a modern refrigerator, and you might find that it has a water filter built right in. But what exactly does the typical fridge filter remove? When you compare these products against powerful reverse osmosis filtration units, there are a few key features missing. The Typical Fridge Filter Understanding how most fridge […]

Indy Soft Water Case Study: Tinker Coffee Co.

Tinker Coffee Co Indy Soft Water 1809

We love using great water to make outstanding beverages. Case in point: Coffee. You get a better brew when you use high-quality, filtered water. Match that with some truly exceptional roasted beans—well, that’s a perfect pair. About Tinker Coffee: Since 2014, Tinker Coffee Co. has been on a mission to make amazing coffee available and […]

Upgrade Your Ice Maker with RO Water

Upgrade Ice RO Water Indy Soft Water 1808

Great water quality doesn’t end with your drinking water. Filtered water also impacts how you get clear ice from your ice maker! If you want to improve the quality of all your chilled beverages, you need to give your freezer a little attention, too. Mastering Ice Cube Science Are the ice cubes in your lemonade, iced coffee, and cocktails […]

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