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Stay Informed: Indianapolis Water Quality Review

much water softener salt Indianapolis Soft Water

We all want to trust that our tap water is safe. And by most standards, the water quality in Indianapolis is a-okay. The real question, though, is whether your family’s drinking water is living up to your own high standards. The water coming out of your faucet might be clear and seem clean, but there’s […]

Top 5 Hard Water Contaminants

Top 5 Hard Water Contaminants

Do you know what’s in your water? If you don’t have a water filter from Indy Soft Water, there’s a good chance that you’re drinking hard water. Hard water has high levels of dissolved minerals, including calcium and magnesium. While these minerals aren’t necessarily bad for you, these other five hard water contaminants can be.

When to Choose Water Softener Rental vs Buying

water softener rental vs buying Indy Soft Water 2202

Living with hard water isn’t just hard on our skin and hair. It also interferes with all of the water-using appliances in our homes. The mineral buildups left behind by hard water can ruin the efficiency of water heaters and dishwashing machines. You’ll also be dealing with scratchy laundry and those hard, crusty minerals on […]

Top 3 Problems with Indiana Water

indianapolis water quality problems Indy Soft Water 2106

Just as every region in the country has its own unique perks with their scenery and different types of weather, they also have specific concerns with their water. Each state (and really, every county in every state) has certain water quality issues to address. Looking at Indiana Water Quality Everyone has a right to drink […]

Do You Still Need Fabric Softener If You Have Soft Water?

woman doing laundry with young boy

How you do your laundry can have a significant impact the items in your wardrobe. Softer clothes are usually comfier clothes! But if you’ve been relying on fabric softener for years, you might want to rethink your system. You can actually get benefits all around your home just by enhancing your water quality. Switching Your […]

The Soft Water Difference for Well-Nourished Hair

soft water nourished hair Indy Soft Water 2101

It’s time to rethink your routine for keeping your hair clean, strong, and smooth. And that secret solution won’t necessarily come from a bottle. How you wash your hair actually starts right when it gets wet. If you’re using hard water for your hair instead of soft water, then your hair products will definitely be […]

Carmel Water Quality and Filtration Solutions

Carmel Indiana Water Quality Indy Soft Water 2009

All across the country, when you go to different cities, there are different things to see. Every area has its own unique characteristics. You’ll even notice differences with the water. From the water in your morning shower to the ice in your drink, water quality changes depending on the area’s water treatment process and other […]

Soft Water vs. Hard Water

ball jar

Before we dive into the differences between hard and soft water, let’s take a moment to touch on what hard water is and why you may not want it in your home. Hard water is water that is high in mineral deposits, such as magnesium carbonates and calcium. It gets its richness in minerals by […]

Do Water Softeners Remove Chlorine?

Do Water Softeners Remove Chlorine Indy Soft Water 1904

When you start looking into water quality, one of the biggest concerns that pops up is usually chlorine. The water treatment plants add chlorine to our water as a disinfectant. So if you don’t have a way to filter the chlorine out, you’ll end up drinking chlorine and using chlorinated water for your showers, the […]

Can I Water My Plants with Soft Water?

Plants Soft Water Indy Soft Water 1903

Your house plants can really brighten up a space. They’re a symbol of vitality. But only if we can keep them healthy! A sad and yellow or wilted plant isn’t doing anyone any good. A little sun and the right type of water can help them thrive. About Tap Water for House Plants Water is […]

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