Child Attention Span Reflected in Drinking Water

Child Attention Span Water Indy Soft Water 1902

When a short attention span is causing trouble, it might be time to look beyond hunger distractions. Clean drinking water matters just as much as a good breakfast. Our kids need both to really tackle each day with confidence. Child Attention Span and Hydration There are lots of studies that show how drinking water can […]

Upgrade Your Ice Maker with RO Water

Upgrade Ice RO Water Indy Soft Water 1808

Great water quality doesn’t end with your drinking water. Filtered water also impacts how you get clear ice from your ice maker! If you want to improve the quality of all your chilled beverages, you need to give your freezer a little attention, too. Mastering Ice Cube Science Are the ice cubes in your lemonade, iced coffee, and cocktails […]

Clever Ways to Help Kids Enjoy Drinking Water

Help Kids Enjoy Drinking Water Indy Soft Water 1807

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated by drinking water, but sometimes it’s hard to get our kids to see eye-to-eye. And now that we’re in the summer months, there are even more reasons to value clean drinking water. If you’re worried about keeping your kids happily hydrated, we’ve got a few tricks. […]

Drinking Water Concerns for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Drinking Water Concerns Autism Indy Soft Water 1805

We all want clean water for our families. And as the recent news reports have shown, it’s even more important for our children to have safe drinking water. Concerns about lead poisoning and questions about autism keep causing people to take a closer look at their water. It’s a huge topic, but we’ll try to distill […]

Why Some Tap Water Tastes Like Dirt

The water coming from your faucet shouldn’t have any weird odors, and you definitely don’t want it to have a funky taste. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Even water that’s deemed safe by the treatment plant can still have some undesirable characteristics. Issues regarding water color, odor, and taste can sometimes slip through because […]

Indy Water Case Study: St. Monica Catholic School

St. Monica Catholic School

With concerns about safe school water rising in recent years, we were really happy to hear from St. Monica Catholic School last fall. As a leader in school health and wellness, they wanted to make sure the water in their facility was top-notch and tasty. About St. Monica: St. Monica School is known for its […]

Why Clean Living Doesn’t Work without Filtered Water

Water plays a big (and often overlooked) role in the kitchen. Every pot of pasta, couscous, and rice requires water for cooking. But when it comes to the culinary arts, tap water won’t cut it. A handy RO filter can help give your kitchen a 4-star rating. Why RO Water? Not all water filters are […]

The Best Water Temperature for Your Tea

There’s nothing quite like curling up with a nice cup of tea, and with so many new varieties to choose from, it’s easier than ever to find a personal favorite. The only problem though, is that different teas require different process for brewing. When you follow the right steps for your tea, you can ensure you […]

5 Water Contaminants with Health Risks for Children

Drinking water contaminants are a concern for everyone. No one wants microbial cysts or lead in their tap water, but it’s even more important to remove them for our children. Understanding the risk factors with unfiltered water and how to prevent them can help keep your young ones safely hydrated. Compared to adults, children are more susceptible to toxic […]

Why Is My Ice Cloudy?

Wondering how to get your ice at home as clear as the restaurant version? Making perfectly transparent ice requires a lot more than just a freezer and some water. When you dig into the science of cloudy ice, you’ll start to see that timing is everything. Filtered Water The first step in getting clearer ice […]

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