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4 Signs Your RO System Is Due for Maintenance

Signs RO Filter Maintenance Due Indy Soft Water 2208 1

Families living with an RO filter can enjoy some great benefits with their drinking water! To get the most out of your filtration system, though, it’s important to watch out for some general RO system maintenance. When’s the Right Time for RO System Repairs? We love RO filters because they give us peace of mind […]

Top 5 Hard Water Contaminants

Top 5 Hard Water Contaminants

Do you know what’s in your water? If you don’t have a water filter from Indy Soft Water, there’s a good chance that you’re drinking hard water. Hard water has high levels of dissolved minerals, including calcium and magnesium. While these minerals aren’t necessarily bad for you, these other five hard water contaminants can be.

Why Your Office Water Cooler Isn’t Cutting It

Why Your Office Water Cooler Isn't Cutting It

For decades, the office water cooler and those five-gallon jugs have been a staple in the office setting. They’ve been a place for conversation and have provided fresh drinking water to your employees – or so you thought. But, in recent years, the need and desire for fresh, clean drinking water in the office have […]

Workplace Water: Point-of-Use Systems Always Win

workplace point of use water systems Indy Soft Water 2110

We all know that the “water cooler” is a cornerstone of any office space. It’s partly social, and it’s even more important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Plus, we just want to stretch our legs if we’re working from a desk! (Or grab a seat for those of us who are always on our […]

9 Reasons Why You’ll Love This Sustainable Water Filter

sustainable water filter EcoWater EPS 1000 2109

You want to do right by your family, as well as the environment, so getting a sustainable water filter is the way to go! Other home water filtration systems can actually end up wasting water during the purification process. But not this one. The EcoWater high-efficiency water filter is powerful, environmentally-friendly, and easy to maintain. […]

When Will Tribal Nations Actually Get Running Water?

tribal nations water infrastructure crisis Indy Soft Water 2107 1

The phrase “water is life” will always hold true. Our bodies rely on clean drinking water, and we also need water for the majority of our cooking and cleaning. No one can dispute these most basic facts; and tragically, certain parts of the country still don’t have reliable access to running tap water. Check the […]

How to Get Rid of Parasites in Water (for Good)

clear water getting poured into a drinking glass

As people in Texas experienced devastating power outages in February 2021, the focus wasn’t just on electricity. There were major concerns about water quality too. Even if you were able to get water at your tap, it wouldn’t necessarily be clean. The water treatment plants couldn’t function without power, so the state issued boil-water notices […]

4 of the Best RO Water Filter Features to Check

RO Water Filter Features Indy Soft Water 2010

Choosing a new water filter introduces all sorts of questions. Do you want to go the cheap route, and only address chlorine in your tap water? Or do you want more detailed filtration, and something that tackles even the toughest contaminants and chemicals? Reverse osmosis, or RO water filters, are great because they give you […]

Hydration and Cognitive Focus

GettyImages IAN 536892455

Water is a part of our everyday lives, so much so that we have a tendency to take it for granted, but being mindful and taking advantage of all that clean water has to offer can have an astounding effect on our overall health in many different ways. Proper Hydration What is proper hydration? Some […]

How Water Filters Care for the Planet

water filters earth day Indy Soft Water 1904

When you’re passionate about supporting the planet, every day can become Earth Day. You probably already practice conservation by turning off the lights in empty rooms or shopping with reusable bags. In our opinion, living “green” doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Even minor adjustments to you and your family’s lifestyle can make a difference. […]

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