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Does Your RO System Need Repairs—or Just Troubleshooting?

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Regular maintenance for your RO system works to ensure that your family gets delicious, filtered water around the clock. But how do you know if it’s time to actually make that call for some repair work? You might be able to manage a quick fix on your own with some RO system troubleshooting. Other times, you might need to call for water filter repair service. Just review this list to start figuring out the best next steps.

3 Signs Your RO Water Filter Is Ready for Maintenance or Repairs

Good drinking water systems are designed to be reliable and fuss-free. Yet little quirks can still pop up. Whatever the case may be, Indy Soft Water can help!

1. Drinking Water Tastes Funny

RO water should taste completely clean, not funky. If you’ve started to notice a difference, then something is definitely up. Fortunately, this could be a DIY maintenance project. The RO filters themselves might be fine, so you may not need to make the call to replace them. There could be an easy solution for the RO system troubleshooting.

If your water’s taste is changing, you might want to consider draining the tank. Reverse osmosis systems use reservation tanks to store water after it’s gone through the filtration cycle. (Without this feature, we’d be waiting at the faucet during each stage of the filtration process.) The trick here is to turn off the supply valve to the water tank, and then pace a bucket underneath the tank’s filter housing and slowly open the faucet. Let the tank drain completely, dump the water, and then you might be all set.

When you go back and turn on the supply valve your system will be able to refill the tank with a fresh batch of RO water. Fill up your glass and see how it tastes! You might have fixed the problem. But if not, then it’s likely time to just get the filters swapped out.

2. RO Filter Has Low Water Pressure

Even though you might not be noticing a change in taste, it’s still important to stay on-schedule with your filter replacements. When it’s taking a longer time to fill up your glass, then that’s another sign that it could be time to put in new filters.

Not only is low water pressure a nuisance. Clogged filters can also be a safety concern. Reverse osmosis filtration works to remove dangerous contaminants from our drinking water, and the majority of those contaminants are tasteless. Old filters can end up letting a backlog of contaminants flood back into your drinking water.

Some people find it easier to stay on track with their system maintenance because they have an RO filter that comes with built-in technology that lets them know how much longer their filters will last. It’s a great way to get more peace of mind that your drinking water is staying safe.

3. Eek—The Water Filter Leaks!

Water dripping and you can’t figure out why? There could be a pressure issue at the faucet. Or it might be gasket problems or some other type of loose connection with your system. No one wants to deal with water damage. As soon as you notice that you have a leaky water filter, give our team a call to stop things from getting worse.

We Service All Types of RO Filters—Call Now: (317) 228-9822

With a reverse osmosis system, you have clean and pure water coming straight from your tap, and it only costs pennies a day. So if your water is reverting back to the poor taste and bad odors you had before, your system might be due for maintenance or new filters.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of technicians if your own RO system troubleshooting isn’t working out. We handle RO repairs for just about any type of system, and we keep a regular stock of parts for about 30 different types of makes and models.

Solving the problem with a quick repair is always the priority. Feel free to schedule your service now or give us a ring so we can come out to give you an honest assessment. We utilize a 24/7 answering service for your convenience: (317) 228-9822.

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