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Point of Use Drinking Water Systems

Fresh, Filtered, and Bottle Free

We love providing fresh filtered water without the plastic. We also love lowering your office expenses and keeping your team happy, which means keeping them hydrated.

Water is a vital fuel for your workplace. Well-hydrated employees are more productive, more focused, suffer less fatigue, and get more done. Make it easy for your employees to access fresh, clean water with our bottle-free technology! Check out these facts on staying hydrated in the workplace.

You will love low-maintenance, bottle-free technology with no long term contracts. Forget those outdated delivery programs. These coolers save you money by filtering water right where you are, so you and your team can get the freshest water day-in and day-out. You will also love our response time. 

Our bottle free program is affordable and includes any service the equipment requires, including filter changes. There are never extra charges. The average cost for an office of 15 people is $29.95 per month.
Point of Use benefits
Lowers office expenses and reduces waste.
Reduces use of plastic. Maintenance Free. Bottle Free.
Want to filter right at your faucet?
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Featured Product

Aqua Bar II Water Cooler & Glacier Water Cooler

Made in America

Product Specifications

• Rentals include any service needs and filter changes

• Built-in filtration provides zero-waste for your water

• Aqua Bar II features safety lock and three-temperature dispenser: hot, cool, and cold

• Eco-friendly coolers cut down on the estimated 30 million plastic bottles that go to landfills every day

• No more lifting those 42-pound water jugs!


BPA Free
Cost Efficient

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