Indy Water Case Study: Hoosier Heights

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As the largest climbing facility in the state, Hoosier Heights Indianapolis sees a lot of thirsty athletes. New climbers come for summer camps and classes, and day-passes let anyone climb to their heart’s content! Because most everyone who uses their climbing walls has a reusable water bottle, the company wanted to upgrade their hydration. They called on us to bring delicious, filtered drinking water to the masses.

About Hoosier Heights:

This is probably the best place you can go for indoor entertainment in Indianapolis. Our boys love climbing. They’re crazy about the Hoosier Heights staff, and Hoosier Heights is basically our home away from home. (It definitely helps that they’re right across the street from the Indy Soft Water building.)

Hoosier Heights has a real family-friendly environment, with plenty of challenges for every level of experience. They have over 40 top rope lines (that’s the kind of two-person climbing that requires a belayer—or someone on the ground to manage the rope) and are great about explaining techniques to new visitors. They also have multiple “auto-belay” systems for solo climbers, as well as different rope-free climbing routes called “boulder problems” that will really test your strength. And because every “set” course—all the top ropes, boulders, and auto belay setups—are regularly changed out, every visit offers a whole new experience. You’ll never get bored climbing here!

The Water Problem:

These climbers needed quick access to cold, clean water after tough workouts. But a traditional water cooler and paying for water delivery every month didn’t quite fit the facility’s eco-friendly vibe. For both the cost and convenience, using their existing water line seemed to make more sense—as long as they didn’t have to sacrifice water quality or taste.

The Filtration Solution:

Plain tap water wasn’t going to quench the thirst of these athletes! In order to get a grip on both water quality and convenience, Hoosier Heights needed a filtration system that connected right to their tap. A bottle-free cooler was the clear winner.

With built-in water filtration, these units are a sleek solution for any gym or office space.

Because most of their clientele and staff already had reusable water bottles, Hoosier Heights decided to go with a water cooler that doubles as a filter. They wanted to provide great-tasting water because everyone there is constantly hydrating. Plus, this cooler definitely lives up to the company’s eco-friendly focus:

  • Zero water-waste filtration
  • Encourages reusable water bottles
  • FREE cooler installs with Indy Soft Water

Companies of all shapes and sizes love our cooler rentals because the service includes filter changes and any repair needs. Climb for a day at Hoosier Heights and you’ll see how awesome this water system really is. Sure, the cooler may not be as exciting as the Dojo’s Ninja-style obstacle course, but members and visitors still think it’s a big hit!

For more climbing information, please visit the Hoosier Heights website, or check out their Facebook page. We’re so grateful to have them in our community!

Hoosier Heights Indianapolis has just opened enrollment for Summer Camp 2016! Call them today at (317) 802-9302 to learn more about the age groups and class offerings—they’ve got something fun for everyone.

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