Indy Soft Water Case Study: Snakeroot Botanicals

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We adore all things “green” at Indy Soft Water, so it’s no surprise that we’re huge fans of the team at Snakeroot Botanicals. They carry an amazing selection of indoor and outdoor plants. And with two fantastic locations (one in Broad Ripple, the other in Fountain Square), they’re definitely a staple destination for both seasoned and wannabe gardeners in the greater Indianapolis area. We’ve loved working with them. Go check them out!

snakeroot botanicals Indianapolis

Say Hello to Your Local Gardening Experts

Snakeroot Botanicals is an Indianapolis-based garden center that features hundreds of beautiful plants, nutrient supplements, fun gifts and gardening supplies. When you enter their shops you’re greeted with wonderful smells, and everything just feels really good! It’s both calming and upbeat at the same time.

Meeting with Laura Johns, the owner of Snakeroot Botanicals, was a lot of fun. We spoke with her for the better part of an hour about the care of plants and how she got started. Then we got to ask all of our personal questions about cats, repotting, and perhaps most important of all—the water!

Plant Care Advice from Snakeroot Botanicals

Laura makes it very clear that straight tap water with chlorine is not good for plants. When that’s all a plant is getting, it can quickly deteriorate the very roots of the plant. We sometimes see this showing up as a yellowing of the tips, which can be like a burning. That’s why she recommends being knowledgeable about your water source.

For our part at Snakeroot, we use an ELP 350 Reverse Osmosis System with a pH add-back. This filtration feature raises the pH of their water back to the level that plants like best, while removing the chlorine, chloramines, and a host of other water-related issues. We’re all about developing custom filtration solutions, and we’d say this one’s definitely a winner.

It’s also important to note that Snakeroot Botanicals doesn’t use any type of conventional fertilizer that may contain phosphates or other additives that can end up in our water supply. We were super excited to hear this because the day before we met her, we had been out testing with the White River Alliance. One of the many issues that our White River has is an influx of phosphates and other nutrients from farm runoff. These not only harm aquatic life, they also remain in the public water supply, even after treatment. That means that filtration is the only way to ensure you aren’t ingesting them.

If you’re looking for good supplements for your plants, Laura recommends worm castings. You can use them like a fertilizer, and a little goes a long way. Just add them at the root zone of a transplant. Then you’ll help create a “living soil” with plenty of good, natural nutrients and microbial activity to help your plants thrive. Pair that with clean, filtered water, and you should be able to have some really happy, healthy plants.

Ready to Grow Your Own Gardening Skills?

Laura gets her green thumb from her English grandmother, always who apparently had gardens that were worthy of awards. Throughout her own gardening journey and taking her green thumb to new levels in two locations, Laura is always keeping the environment at the front of her activities. It’s definitely inspiring.

We’re so lucky to have Snakeroot Botanicals as part of the Indianapolis small business community, sharing their knowledge and passion for gardening as our local plant experts. The best way to learn more about plant care is to go see them in person, ask them your own questions, and shop their amazing supply of plants and gardening goodies.

Visit Snakeroot Botanicals at their locations in Fountain Square: 1052 Virginia Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46203 and in Broad Ripple: 922 E. Westfield Blvd. Indianapolis, IN 46220. You can also order from them online at There’s a ton to explore!

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