Indy Business Water Study: Well Water at Ambre Blends

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Ambre Blends realized right away that their city well water had some problems when they relocated to their new Indy office building. They loved the space, but needed clean drinking water for their employees and water that was safe to use for sanitizing their production equipment in-house. To end their water worries, Ambre Blends called on us to test and treat their well water.

About the Client:

Ambre Blends has been creating organic body products here in Indianapolis since 2001. Their ingredients are 100% pure and vegan, their packaging is beautifully simplistic and green, and all of their products are made by hand. (If you need a good gift idea, they’re definitely one of our favorite Indy picks.)

The Problem:

While Ambre Blends only uses distilled water for their products, they desperately needed clean water throughout the office. Their well water was hard and an unpleasant scent from iron. Not fun to be around—especially for this group, when their body products smell so good!

As an environmentally-focused company, Ambre Blends was also concerned about water waste for their water treatment methods. To put their well water in check and still keep in line with their core values, we made sure to only use the best industry systems.

Our Solutions:

Iron Filtration System for Well Water

Utilizing the powerful process of oxidation is the best way to get rid of iron staining and associated odors. The chemical-free process can even cut your water softener’s salt use in half, too. This water treatment setup is strong, yet simple, and fits right in with Ambre Blends’ eco-friendly values. If you want more information on how it’s done, follow this link.

The Power of UV

Ultraviolet light adds another layer of treatment to questionable water. A UV unit essentially destroys any bacteria remaining after filtration—boasting a bacteria reduction rate of more than 99%. We paired it with an iron treatment system and a reverse osmosis system for Ambre Blends because it’s the safest way to handle unruly well water.

Commercial Water Softener

Removing the dissolved “hard” minerals in your water supply with a softener gives you water that’s easier on appliances and better for cleaning. And if you’ve ever been to Ambre Blends, you know you can practically eat off their production floor—so having soft water is an absolute must.

Combining the water softener with an iron filter reduced their salt and water use by over half. That noticeable saving of resources goes along way with the Ambre Blends team.

Drinking Water Filtration

The last step was to add in one of our bottle-free coolers. Now Ambre Blends can have their filtered water chilled, hot for tea, or room temperature. A tri-temperature cooler with fresh water—the final piece to perfecting their water!

Ambre Blends knew they’d need the full works for water treatment to feel comfortable using and drinking their office water. Fortunately, we were able to provide them with a full water treatment system that’s tough enough to handle their well water concerns.

With a few quick installations, we got them back in business doing what they (and we) love—making great organic body products. We’re so glad Ambre Blends turned to our crew here at Indy Soft Water!

Ambre Blends essences are unique on each wearer—they blend and work with your body chemistry for an all-natural fragrance that’s truly unique. To learn more about their products, visit their website, or search their store locator to find a local retailer near you.

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