High-Efficiency Water Softeners

Water in its best condition.

We love using less salt and water. Our system options let you get the best efficiency rating with single tanks for smaller spaces, and two-tank systems for higher capacities. Using approximately 2 pounds of salt per recycle and approximately 33 gallons of water, these systems set the standard for efficiency.

You will love the results! Soft water lengthens the life of your hot water using appliances. This makes cleaning easier, laundry softer, and leaves dishes free from spots. Add the modern touch of WIFI and you have a truly smart system integrated into your home and lifestyle.

By removing minerals from your water, water softeners save you time and money.
Water Softener benefits
Lengthens the life of your appliances
Makes cleaning easier
Makes laundry softer
Leaves dishes free from spots
Want clean, conditioned water at every tap?
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Featured Product

ECR 3700 R30

BY ECOWATER Made in America

Product Specifications

• Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 44 for the reduction of Barium and Radium 226/228

• Patented HydroLink Plus Wi-Fi and Smartphone App Monitoring

• Sophisticated, yet easy-to-use electronics capture historical usage patterns to predict future needs for precise regenerations

• A durable tank liner that won’t deteriorate, rust, or corrode

• Washed Quartz Underbedding is harder than gravel and doesn’t break down



Patented Stratified Resin Bed
Washed Quartz Underbedding

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a high-efficiency water softener cost?

We have softener units that start at $995.00 and we work with each of our customers to find the right fit. You can even rent a unit for as little as $24.95 per month. Together, we’ll create the perfect water solution for your family and home.

Do I really need a water softener?

Some people would claim that water softeners are mandatory in our area. While you can survive on hard water, it’s more expensive and time-consuming in the long run. So if you want to save money and time, then yes—you need a water softener.

A water softener works to extend the life-span and efficiency on all of your water-using appliances by preventing scale from building up in your water heater, laundry machine, dishwasher, and other water-using appliances. Water softeners also save time and money on cleaning products. For example, less soap scum and calcium buildup on your fixtures. This means more time to be doing something that isn’t cleaning.

What is a high-efficiency water softener?

Water softeners are basic science. As water passes through a tank storing millions of tiny resin beads, calcium and magnesium will bond to the resin through cation exchange. Those hard water minerals then remain behind, bound to the resin beads, while the softened water goes to the rest of your home. Once the beads have reached capacity—or the maximum amount of hardness (minerals) they can absorb—the unit recycles, rinsing the resin bed with salt water. This cleans out all of those minerals, and the process begins again.

What’s the difference between your water softeners and one I can buy at the store?

We hear this question a lot. We get it. At our core, we are a very frugal company. Simply stated, the quality of components make all the difference. The construction of our units and the parts that comprise them are superior. They will last longer than other brands and have required less maintenance. EcoWater products and all of their components are manufactured in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our softeners are then backed by a professional installation and comprehensive warranty, as well as locally available support. That means no call centers if you do need your warranty.

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