Go Green with 3 Easy Office Solutions

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Managing your office budget is easy when you go green. Being conscientious with your office supplies and utility expenses can help transform your work environment into a hyper-productive, eco-friendly oasis. It’s an investment well worth the savings!

1. Reduce Plastic

We love helping companies reduce their dependence on plastic. The latest bottle-free coolers connect directly with your water line to give you filtered water around the clock.

Good—Stop buying bottled water for your breakroom. Instead, encourage everyone on your team to carry reusable water bottles instead. (You can even invest in some that have your company logo!)

Better—Filter your office water in-house. With our water coolers, you can simultaneously treat and chill your company water. It’ll taste great and be free of any contaminants.

Best—Add extra incentives! Indy Soft Water has a new partnership with Keurig Green Mountain, and we’re excited to share their Grounds to Grow On program with our clients. Give your breakroom (and staff) a coffee upgrade with a new commercial Keurig system, then start recycling your coffee pods with the eco-friendly Keurig setup!

2. “Power” Plants

Flowers and live greenery will instantly “green up” your workplace. And eco-friendly cleaners and responsible energy sources can help decrease your company’s carbon footprint.

Good—Recent studies show that adding nature to office spaces helps improve productivity, as well as your mood. Happy employees yield better results.

Better—You don’t need harsh chemicals to keep your workplace clean. There are plenty of green, plant-based products to use for your desk and dusting. The right care will help you maintain better air quality, too.

Best—Rather than rely only on the power plant (see what we did there?), have your company invest in energy alternatives. Consider adding solar panels to your roof to show your support for green, renewable energy.

3. Paper Cuts

Too many office expenses go down the drain and in the trash because of costly printer paper. Try eliminating paper altogether, or opt for recycled paper when you have to use hard copies.

Good—Place a recycling bin next to each printer to make sure misprints don’t head to the landfill. Paper products are easy to recycle, so there’s no reason to add to the dumpster waste.

Better—Make the switch to only buying recycled paper products. Oftentimes, recycled paper is even more opaque than other styles, which makes it a great choice for double-sided printing.

Best—Go paperless! If your workplace can support it, try eliminating printing altogether. Send documents through e-mail to prevent unnecessary printing once and for all.

We love meeting with businesses of all shapes and sizes! If you’re in the greater Indianapolis area, please feel free to send Indy Soft Water a message. Our free water consultations and commercial solutions can help you get your water, coffee, tea, and other office beverages to green, all-star status.

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