The Gift of Pure Water—for Everyone On Your Holiday List!

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Thoughtful gifts aren’t always easy to figure out . Everyone has different preferences, so it’s hard to guess what they’ll like best. That’s why we’re all for keeping things simple during the holidays: Give the gift of pure water!

5 Reasons to Give Pure Water for the Holidays

A good home water system covers all of the must-haves for a great holiday gift. It’s totally practical, slightly unexpected, and perfectly suited for anyone on your list.

1. Soft water for the spa routine

Wintertime means cold weather and dry air. So when you pair that low humidity with hard water, you’ve got the perfect storm for dry, scaly skin and dull, dry hair. With a home water softener, your skin and hair can actually stay nourished.

Soft water rinses away completely. Hard water, on the other hand, doesn’t work well with soap. The minerals in hard water pretty much “roughen up” everything about our hair and skin. If you want to help someone enjoy their home-spa time more (and every month of the year), set them up with a new water softener. Better yet, consider one that has built-in chlorine removal too!

2. Hydration encourages health and wellness

Drinking enough water throughout the day makes all the difference for the mind and body. Time and time again, research has proven that proper hydration helps boost our mood. It’s also critical for keeping our joints and ligaments working at their best.

Having a home water filter is a major motivator for actually staying hydrated. Which is why it makes such a great gift! We all deserve water that tastes clean and refreshing.

3. Filtered water makes coffee way better

Know someone with a love for coffee? Once again, water filtration is the way to go. Regular tap water interferes with nuanced flavors because there are traces of chlorine being used as a disinfectant. Giving them a home water filter can be a smart and personalized gift. (Especially when they already own a solid coffee maker and all the mugs they’d ever really need!)

4. Give that “missing piece” for their home upgrades

New flooring, efficient appliances, or even just a fresh coat of paint can transform any home. If your friend or family member was working through some DIY home improvements this past year, maybe help them round out their upgrades with a new water system.

Giving them a water softener means they won’t have to spend time scrubbing away at those crusty hard water minerals left behind on the bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Or consider a new water filter for the kitchen. It can act as a great finishing touch for modernizing their home.

5. Keep the kids safe with pure drinking water

Busy families might have overlooked the importance of clean, filtered drinking water. Fortunately, a reverse osmosis filter can give any parent some peace of mind. These systems are powerful enough to remove lead from drinking water, as well as tricky PFAS (learn more here).

It also goes back to proper hydration. Helping our kids stay hydrated benefits their mood and helps lower their stress levels. And when the drinking water tastes clean and refreshing, they won’t mind keeping their water bottle full or drinking a full glass of water at the dinner table.

Connect with Indy Soft Water!

Whether it’s filtered drinking water or clean soft water, your gift of pure water will certainly be appreciated for years and years to come. After all, it has a big impact. We rely on water every single day.

As your locally-owned water softener and water filtration company, we’re here to help our neighbors get the best water possible. Every home is different. Let us figure out the right solutions for you and your loved ones! Indy Soft Water is woman-owned and we’re committed to providing great customer service. If you’re ready to start planning your holiday gift-giving, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’d love to connect!

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