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We spend time in nature to enjoy ourselves, get fresh air, hike and play, find beauty, lower our stress, and find peace. That’s why advocating for Indiana’s native forests is a cause we should all get behind—because it benefits everyone.

Our state’s hardwood ecosystems give us a welcome escape from the bustle of our neighborhoods and cities. What’s more, these forests are home to so many plants and animals that are unique to our region. All of these causes are definitely worth fighting for, and we’re so happy that the Indiana Forest Alliance is leading the way!

Preserving Nature: Indiana Forest Alliance

The volunteers and full-time staff involved with the Indiana Forest Alliance (IFA) are committed to conservation. That applies to the trees and wildlife just as much as protecting our rights to enjoy these lands for our own wellbeing.

After all, without our state and national forests, where would our families go to watch the leaves turn colors? Or try birdwatching, go cycling or horseback riding, or anything else we love to do in these parks? We even depend on these sites for the best Indiana hiking trails. Getting involved and staying informed of the issues that impact our forests helps ensure that we’re moving toward a sustainable future.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Collaborating with scientists, lawmakers, and local communities on behalf of our native forests is supposed to be a win-win across the board, for our environment and people all throughout Indiana. With their Wild Indiana Campaign, the Indiana Forest Alliance is striving to preserve thirteen beautiful “wild areas” throughout seven state forests. But we need new legislation to make that happen.

Building a reforested Indiana means that we preserve the native hardwood forests and pursue sustainable harvesting. These ecosystems hold so much history, and they have immeasurable value. Taking a stand with the Indiana Forest Alliance allows us to keep an eye on commercial logging and government overreach. We want to honor these areas, preserve them, and help our forests grow and thrive for years to come. Isn’t that something we can all get behind?

This new initiative would safeguard particularly vulnerable areas from commercial logging. It would also help defend our ability, as local park-goers, to do our favorite outdoor activities. Plus, these efforts would protect the habitats of threatened and endangered species in our area. If you’re on board with this mission, then you can sign their petition here. Every voice matters.

Get Involved with the Annual IFA Membership!

The Indiana Forest Alliance is a non-profit organization, but more than that, it’s a community of like-minded people, friends, and family. We all want to enjoy our forests to the best possible, sustainable use. By coming together, we can make sure those interests are respected. That’s where the IFA Membership comes into play.

For just a $25 contribution, you can pledge your support for the IFA mission for an entire year. You’ll feel good knowing that you’re contributing to a team of advocates who are speaking to legislators, news outlets to raise awareness, and more. Please sign up here. As an IFA Member, you also get access to their annual newsletter, as well as special invites to future IFA events!

To learn more about the Indiana Forest Alliance and other opportunities, just visit their page on how to get involved. They even share details on how to reach out to your own elected officials. When everyone does their part, we can help ensure we have the opportunity to enjoy these spaces for generations. This community is truly special—we hope you’ll join us in supporting their mission.

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