7 Ways Companies Save Money with Filtered Water

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The water we use at work is just as important as having clean, delicious water at home for our families. And in some ways, commercial water systems offer even more benefits! The different types of water filtration solutions can quickly prove to be valuable business assets, both for the short-term and long-term. Plus, they’re affordable right out of the gate.

7 Reasons Why Water Filtration Makes Better Business Sense

Whether you’re running a busy childcare center with a dozen classrooms or you’re the manager of a tight team of five professionals, water quality counts. We all need safe, healthy drinking water during the day. It’s important for most sites to have soft water for their utilities too. These are just some of the industries that benefit from commercial water system solutions:

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Sports and fitness centers
  • Hair salons and spas
  • Municipalities
  • Schools and daycares
  • Places of worship
  • Coffee shops
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Small manufacturers

Indy Soft Water is proud to sell, rent, and service commercial water systems in Carmel and all throughout the greater Indianapolis area. We help clients find the right water softeners, drinking water filters, bottle fillers, and bottle-free coolers to keep hydration a top priority for their site. There are a handful of reasons for getting a new commercial water softener or filtration solution, but these are some of our favorites:

1. Your Water Actually Tastes Good

We’ve all had times when the glass of water we get at a restaurant just tastes “off.” A typical water fountain at the gym can have the same problems. If your site’s water isn’t clean and fresh, your business might be taking a hit. This is especially true for coffee shops. The taste of your drinking water and having filtered water for brewing coffee helps set the tone for you customers’ experience. You want to make a good first impression!

2. Staying Hydrated Promotes Wellness

For office spaces and school systems, bottle fillers are a great way to encourage proper hydration on a daily basis. Study after study has proven that we can improve our mood and concentration levels just by drinking water. Bottle-free coolers make it easy for your team members, students, and staff to stay hydrated and productive.

3. Equipment Runs Better with Soft Water

If your café has piles of dishes to clean on every shift, or your manufacturing company has water-using equipment, you’ll want to make sure you have soft water. Removing the dissolved hard minerals from tap water helps boiler machines, processing equipment, and dishwashers run smoothly.

Soft water also helps you save money because you won’t need to use as much soap to keep your site and products clean. You’ll likely be able to lower costs for equipment repairs too, since your plumbing and machinery can stop getting that hard mineral buildup.

4. Efficient Commercial Water Systems

Maybe you’ve had a commercial water softener working fine for years. But is it really saving you money like it should? Older units can end up going through pounds of softener salt a lot faster than newer models. They might also require more water, or even more power to get your water treated. If your softener repair costs are adding up—or if you still haven’t made the switch to soft water—then a new, high-efficiency water softener is probably the way to go!

5. Point-of-Use Filtration Is More Streamlined

When the people in your building are still relying on a water delivery service for the water cooler, then you might want to consider a bottle-free system. You won’t have to pay for a delivery charge or wait around for someone to drop off more water jugs.

A point-of-use system filters your water right at the tap, so there’s no risk of running out of water in the middle of the week. Plus, with our team, you don’t have to worry about a long-term contract. We’ll set you up with a maintenance-free system and take care of any service needs, including the filter changes.

6. Water Safety Helps for Peace of Mind

Our city water treatment plants work to filter the area’s source water for the tap. But using chlorine as a disinfectant means we get chlorine at the faucet, and unfortunately, some contaminants can still get overlooked in the process. There’s also the risk of our tap water leaching lead from old pipelines.

With point-of-use filtration, you’re giving your site an extra level of protection while simultaneously making sure your water tastes great. Today’s solutions are both powerful and cost-effective. We don’t want our children, staff, or customers drinking water that isn’t safe and clean. Finding the right filtration solution can help everyone stay healthy.

7. Instant Savings Without Bottled Water

The price of bottled water is enormously high. Encouraging your staff to carry reusable water bottles and getting a water dispenser installed is probably one of the easiest ways to instantly lower your operating budget. The cost of tap water is cheap, and after your system gets installed, you can start to see a nice boost for your bottom line. Ditch the bottle, and go with a point-of-use filtration.

We’re Locally-Owned and Ready to Help!

Commercial water systems need to be sized correctly for your site and water usage. You’ll also want to know what type of drinking water contaminants might be showing up at your tap. Then you’ll know exactly what needs to get filtered. We’d love to help you analyze your options.

Indy Soft Water is locally- and family-owned, woman-run business. We’ve made a commitment to providing our clients with environmentally responsible and American-made water systems, and our expertise makes it easy for you figure out your property’s best water filtration solution. Please give us a call at (317) 228-9822 to schedule your on-site consultation!

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