Appreciation for Coburn Place and Safe Homes

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We hear this phrase all the time: Every little bit counts. And yes, at times that sounds like a broken record for every great cause. But that’s just because it’s so true. The small steps we take individually, and how we encourage our family, friends, and colleagues to get involved—all of that adds up.

That’s why we want to highlight the valuable work that Coburn Place has been doing here in Central Indiana. As the American Psychological Association explains, there are certain social factors that increase the risks of domestic violence. Unfortunately, during the stay-at-home orders, many people have been experiencing some of those factors. 

In order to stand up to these issues, we have to stay informed. If you’re particularly proud of the work that an organization or an individual has been delivering to the world, please speak up and spread the word. Whether it’s Coburn Place or another nonprofit, sharing that spark can help get others motivated to support important work.

Protecting Our Neighbors with Coburn Place

At Coburn Place, the focus is on empowerment. For decades, this nonprofit has been serving individuals and families who have been affected by interpersonal abuse, including domestic violence. They offer a variety of supportive services to clients, as well as transitional housing opportunities. It’s easy to understand that their team is making an incredible difference in our community as a whole.

Their holistic approach provides people with the safe housing they need to make a fresh start. Upon approval and after completing the intake process, clients receive the keys to a private and fully-furnished apartment. This becomes home for two years, and no rent is charged. During that time, the programs available through Coburn Place help clients establish a stable and high-quality of life for when they move into their own permanent housing.

Of course, in order to guarantee these types of services to at-risk individuals and their dependents, Coburn Place relies on community support. They have a nonprofit wish list to make people aware of their needs, and plenty of other donation, volunteer, and sponsorship opportunities available that help them to continue and expand their services.

Looking for a Cause to Champion?

Engaging with our community in meaningful ways is a big part of living a great life. We’re social creatures, and it feels good to connect with others and feel like we’re making a difference. That might be as simple as choosing to shop with a locally-owned business, like the ones featured by Indiana Originals. Or maybe tomorrow you’ll decide to donate a few bucks to a nonprofit that’s been on your mind.

If you haven’t found that right organization yet, this database of Indiana nonprofits can help. You could even start making plans to volunteer and put those intentions on your calendar. But for a really simple next step? Start a conversation. Ask your connections what types of causes or issues matter the most to them right now, or let others know about the great work you’re currently seeing in the community—or what needs to change.

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