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3 Signs Your Employees are Dehydrated

3 Signs Your Employees are Dehydrated

We all know the importance of clean, fresh drinking water in the workplace. As an employer, it’s legally your responsibility to provide this resource. But, providing your team with a point-of-use water cooler from Indy Soft Water – Carmel doesn’t just mean they have access to clean drinking water. It also means you help boost […]

Why Your Office Water Cooler Isn’t Cutting It

Why Your Office Water Cooler Isn't Cutting It

For decades, the office water cooler and those five-gallon jugs have been a staple in the office setting. They’ve been a place for conversation and have provided fresh drinking water to your employees – or so you thought. But, in recent years, the need and desire for fresh, clean drinking water in the office have […]

7 Reasons To Install Water Coolers for Businesses

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Is it possible that employees who drink water from a water cooler are more productive than those who don’t? The evidence may surprise you. Some studies find that businesses that offer water coolers to their employees experience several advantages including increased productivity. This is just one of many reasons why businesses should consider using water […]

Workplace Water: Point-of-Use Systems Always Win

workplace point of use water systems Indy Soft Water 2110

We all know that the “water cooler” is a cornerstone of any office space. It’s partly social, and it’s even more important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Plus, we just want to stretch our legs if we’re working from a desk! (Or grab a seat for those of us who are always on our […]

Commercial Water Purification Offers Quality Filtered Drinking Water


Employers scramble to find benefits for prospective employees in addition to historical benefits. For example, remote work options, wellness packages, and office culture are currently popular. Obviously, some incentives are easier to accomplish than others. Indy Soft Water wants you to know that commercial water purification is one easy benefit that employees love, and this […]

What Makes a Drinking Fountain Safe?

Public water fountain turned on by hand

Having safe water fountains should always be a top priority for public health. We all need to stay hydrated, and public fountains help ensure that everyone has access to drinking water wherever they are. Unfortunately, the fountains we currently see installed may be doing more harm than good. Is Your Public Water Fountain Safe? While […]

Cheers! How Water Can Boost Company Morale

Water Wellnes Company Morale Indy Soft Water 1901

You don’t usually need complicated incentive programs to give your company morale a boost. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. Just take the idea of a micro-break, an optional 5- to 10-minute respite that employees can take anytime they need. Feeling frazzled or overwhelmed at work doesn’t do us any good. But a short […]

Indy Soft Water Case Study: Bierman ABA

Bierman ABA Indy Soft Water Study 1804

We talk a lot about home water filtration here at Indy Soft Water, but we’re equally passionate about having clean water everywhere around town. You might have a great water filter in your kitchen, but what about the other places you go? Where else can you fill up your reusable water bottle and know that […]

The Eco-Friendly Perks of Keurig Coffee

Elements Cozy Winter Home Indy Soft Water 1801

Getting a great deal has always been a priority for shoppers. It doesn’t really matter what you’re buying. Cost, convenience, and quality all come into play. Then again, there’s also the issue of values. If you want your purchases to go toward a cause you care about, it’s always nice to support local, family-owned businesses […]

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This website uses cookies to ensure the best user experience. Click here to view our privacy policy.

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