Why Does My Water Smell like Bleach?

Noticing any scent coming from your water can be off-putting. After all, water isn’t supposed to smell like anything! If you’re getting a whiff of chlorine or bleach at the faucet, it’s normal to have some questions. Unfortunately, that “chemical” scent is probably more common than you’d think. If you use city water, chances are, you’ll … more »
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4 Side Effects of Using Chlorinated Tap Water in Your Home

Water treatment plants in the United States have been using chlorine for more than a century. And as a disinfectant, chlorine works great. When it was first introduced to our municipal water supplies, it had a major impact on widespread disease. Cases of cholera dropped significantly, and in just 20 years, typhoid fever decreased by … more »
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How to Remove Chlorine from Water

Go just about anywhere in the country—or even around Indianapolis—and you can bet that the tap water uses chlorine. Chlorine is great as a disinfectant, but it’s not something we want to drink. In fact, chlorinated water can mess with a lot of other things around your home, too. That’s why a lot of families … more »
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What causes laundry colors to fade?

To keep your laundry looking like it should, it’s best to take a look at the science. Most likely it isn’t the detergent that’s messing your clothes up—it’s your water. Laundry and Hard Water About 85 percent of the water across the U.S. is referred to as “hard water.” The dissolved calcium and magnesium minerals … more »
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The Bizarre History of Chlorine and Our Drinking Water

Nearly every water treatment facility in the United States relies on chlorine disinfection. It’s been an effective water treatment method for over one hundred years, but recent scientific developments are causing many people to have new questions. When we look back on chlorine’s history, the so-called benefits may not be as “clean” as we initially … more »
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