Workplace Water: Point-of-Use Systems Always Win

We all know that the “water cooler” is a cornerstone of any office space. It’s partly social, and it’s even more important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Plus, we just want to stretch our legs if we’re working from a desk! (Or grab a seat for those of us who are always on our feet.) Taking a few minutes for a little “breather” and some water is always a win.


Time for a Water Break? Benefits of Hydration in the Workplace

Working with an eager, always-on-the-go mentality is certainly admirable. But it needs to be handled with care. The best business owners and leaders know how to manage both their workflow—and their team’s overall wellbeing.

1. Drinking water and productivity

Even mild hydration will affect our brain function and sense of fatigue. This shift can start with a mere 1 percent deficit in the body’s optimal water content. Time and time again, studies show that our focus drops and our memory falters while dehydrated.

When we’re thirsty, obviously it’s hard to pay attention to anything else. However, the effects of dehydration actually start much sooner. Sipping water on a regular basis helps prevent us from getting to the extreme side of dehydration. Having around-the-clock access to clean, filtered drinking water is key.

2. Calm your nerves, improve your mood

This might sound almost too simple, but surveys and research still insist: Drinking a glass of water is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a positive mood-boost. That’s because the dopamine and serotonin levels in our brain often fall out of balance when we’re dehydrated. Water may not be a cure-all, but it can certainly help!

3. Hydration for a happier body

The physical benefits of water are vast and pretty difficult to count. Better hydration makes it easier for our blood to transfer oxygen throughout the body. That means healthier skin, improved digestion, and crucial support for the cartilage in our joints and spine. Drinking enough water can also help mitigate headaches too.

4. Team spirit and social connections

Our work relationships shouldn’t necessarily be considered “less than” the other friendships we’ve built in our personal lives over the years. Social psychologists realize that a sense of belonging helps us stay motivated and also lowers stress. That extends to the workplace!

Creating a comfortable “social spot” for employees and team members to chat helps encourage those connections. Please don’t restrict these interactions to the after-work happy hour or a team building retreat. Talking around a neat bottle-free water cooler can make a big difference.

5. Water quality counts

All this being said, poor-tasting water won’t do anyone any good. We want to fill our glass with something refreshing. A filtered, point-of-use water system helps encourage hydration and the value of team spirit. It’s definitely one of the best investments you can make for your organization.


Employees Don’t Need Bottled Water—Go with Point-of-Use!

There’s no denying the benefits of drinking enough water. Unfortunately, many companies are going about hydration the wrong way. You don’t need to waste money stocking the fridge with bottled water.  When done right, giving your team high-quality, filtered drinking water is budget-friendly, delicious, and convenient.

It’s too expensive to pay for bottled water or a water jug delivery service. There’s can also be a lot of hassle with scheduling. Even when you can someone stay on top of those orders, you might still run out of water in the middle of the week. But with a point-of-use water system, you don’t have any of those problems.

These types of water filtration solutions optimize what you already have in the building. Your waterline! That means you get reliable, pure drinking water around the clock. And, like regular tap water, it’s affordable. (All while being way tastier!)

Ready to make the most of your building’s waterline? Just put our team to work. We’re always happy to consult with business owners and property managers about the best types of commercial water systems and point-of-use solutions for their sites. Please send us a message so we can schedule a time to connect!