What to Do with Your Water Softener While Traveling

If you’re going out of town in winter there are a few things you can do to help keep your water softener safe. Check out these Q&A precaution points to ensure you won’t come back to any surprises when your appliances were home alone.

We’re going out of town for 1-3 weeks. Do we need to drain or turn our water softener off?

It isn’t necessary to completely shut down your softener for vacations that last a couple weeks or so. Eco-friendly water softeners only regenerate as needed, so your system should be fine if your home isn’t using any water. Still, some people will choose to turn their softener off before going out of town.

When would I need to “winterize” my softener?

Typically, your softener only needs the full winterization mode for extended trips. If your water softener is at a temporary residence and you’ll be away from multiple months, your system will need to be completely drained to prevent freezing in the cold winter season. Your local water softener experts can help you winterize your system if needed.

What about freezing temperatures? How can we keep our water softener protected?

The general rule is that a lower thermostat temperature (55˚F for well-insulated homes) will be enough to prevent your pipes—and your softener—from freezing in winter. If, however, your water softener is in a cooler location like your garage or basement, you’ll want to make sure to wrap insulation around its pipes and maybe even the unit itself. Local hardware stores should have the necessary supplies.

And what if my softener isn’t working when I get back? Does Indy Soft Water do repairs?

Of course—we’re just a phone call away! Indy Soft Water services dozens of different water softener and filter models for Indy residents. Whether you need help with softener parts, basic maintenance, or emergency softener repair, know that our team’s got your back.