Water Softener Questions to Ask Before You Make Repairs

Dealing with hard water when you have a broken water softener gets old fast. But how do you know when it’s better to spring for water softener repair instead of a brand-new unit? (Spoiler: There’s more than just a price tag at play.)

The Repair vs. Replace Debate

Deciding when to repair or replace an appliance is often a complicated choice for most homeowners because there’s a lot riding on the decision. For starters, you don’t want to be facing the same scenario months or even weeks later with another repair question. Then again, you don’t want to end up spending more than you have to in order to get your home’s appliances back on track. Whether you’re considering a repair for a water heater, dishwasher, or laundry machine, these concerns are usually the same. When it comes to water softener repair, however, all of these units are affected. Since your water softener unit directly impacts all of your water-using appliances, it’s important to make the right call. If you go without soft water for long, you’ll just end up damaging these other appliances with hard water minerals—not to mention chlorine if your water refiner is also out of whack!

Common Water Softener Repair Questions

Asking a few choice questions can help you navigate your water softener repair dilemma. The age of your unit, its existing problems, and even how long you plan to stay in your current home can all impact your decision on whether to make the necessary repairs.

1. How old is your current water softener unit?

It almost goes without saying that a 12-year-old unit can act differently than a newer model. Yet, it bears repeating. The age of your water softener definitely relates to your overall “repair costs” investment. After all, you don’t want to put money into a system that’s just going to have other issues another year or so down the line. Paying attention to how long you’ve had your current unit—and how often it’s needed repairs—can help you weigh the pros and cons of getting a more efficient water softener with great upgrades.

2. Would a new system be better than the repairs?

Your water softener needs water, energy, and salt to run. And all of these components have related costs. Your water and electric bills can take a big hit because of an outdated unit, so it helps to plan accordingly. Some older water softeners also use a lot of salt, so if you feel like you’re refilling your tank too often, it could be time for a newer model. Sure, you might be spending more upfront, but you’ve got to think through the potential savings. An efficient water softener can help you save in the long-run. Units that use half as much salt and water can be a great help for your overall monthly budget for years and years.

3. How long do you plan to stay in your home?

If you’re thinking of making a move in the next year or two, it can be hard to justify a total system replacement. That alone might be enough to convince you to make some quick repairs and be done with it. But what if your unit is beyond repair? Did you know that there’s another option? You might even sidestep the entire situation by deciding to rent instead. For homeowners and renters alike, water softener rental can be a great choice—especially when you aren’t planning to stay at your current address for much longer.

4. Does your brand have good service options?

Truth be told, not all water softeners are equal. Your unit’s brand could actually be harder to service and repair than other makes and models. When that happens, you might be better off making the switch to a more mainstream setup with higher efficiency. Talking with your local water softener expert can help you make a smart choice. You want to have a unit that’s not just going to last long, but one that has a high serviceability, too. Then you’ll be better able to keep up with any water softener repair it needs. Choose wisely, and you might even find a water softener with great warranties, too.

We Know Water Softener Repair!

As a Certified Whirlpool dealer and your local EcoWater experts, our team here at Indy Soft Water truly knows the ins and outs of the market’s best water softener units. We’re also the go-to company for Clack and Fleck water softener service around Indianapolis. Though no matter what brand you have, we can probably help you out. When you aren’t sure what’s wrong with your unit, just contact Indy Soft Water. We’ll help you get your soft water back in action so you can say so-long to hard water spots and hello to clean, fresh showers. If you want to know whether we work with your softener model, just give us a ring at (317) 228-9822.