How Water Affects Your Home Appliances

There’s more to filtered water than health benefits and a better taste. Did you know that having clean water is also good for your home appliances?

Problems with Hard Water

Hard water causes the crusty deposits and cloudy films on your dishes. The minerals in un-softened water (calcium and magnesium, especially) stick to surfaces and create a buildup called scale. It’s difficult to remove, and not a pretty accent on glassware at the dinner table! To make matters worse, scale also forms where you can’t see—inside your pipes and household appliances. As the mineral deposits build, pipes clog, water pressure goes down, and appliances lose their efficiency. Machines that use hot water are even more vulnerable because hard minerals leach out of water even faster at higher temperatures. Dishwashers, laundry machines, and water heaters all suffer with hard water. Eventually, their internal parts fail because of constant mineral buildup. A quick way to notice hard water’s harm is at the faucet. Weak water pressure or a constant drip at the sink can usually be blamed on hard water. Mineral deposits build inside the faucet and interfere with the shutoff mechanism, causing the faucet to leak. This makes it seem like the faucet is faulty, when really, it’s just bad water.

Soft Water Benefits

The best way to protect your appliances is to have clean water. A water softener removes the damaging minerals that cause scale buildup and keeps your appliances in their best condition. For example, research shows that water heaters using soft water keep their original factory rating for up to 15 years. With hard water, those efficiency ratings are nearly cut by 50%. Another study from the Water Quality Research Foundation looked at showerheads. After just 18 months, hard water reduced the flow rate by 75%. Soft water, on the other hand, kept the fixtures clean and free from clogs. Removing the hard minerals from your water is a win-win for the whole home. From the kitchen, to the bathroom, and laundry room, soft water saves you time and money because your appliances work better and last longer. Plus, with soft water, your clean dishes actually look clean! No more water spots or sink scale means each room of your home can truly shine.