Top 5 Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Staying hydrated is more important than ever when the summer heat sets in. Rising temperatures and active summer days mean you and your family need to drink more water than usual to prevent dehydration. But with these quick tips, it’s easy to get into the habit of drinking water throughout the day!

1.  Improve Your Morning Routine

Forming a new healthy habit is easier when you can pair it with daily activity you’re already doing. If you take coffee in the morning, consider drinking a glass of water while the coffee pot is brewing. Or you can pour yourself a glass of water after brushing your teeth. Getting a jump-start on your water intake in the morning is a great way to stay hydration-focused for the rest of your day.

2.  Get a Water Bottle with Style

We’ve found that the best way to stay hydrated is to carry your own reusable water bottle—just make sure you like its color and design. You’ll be more likely to bring your water with you if you look at it as an accessory. The same care you put into picking a purse should be used when you’re choosing a new water bottle. And if you want to get your kids drinking more water, help them choose a bottle that fits their personality, too.

3.  Keep it Cool

Set yourself up for success—if you know you like your water ice-cold, make sure you’re using a bottle that can keep it chilled all throughout the day. An insulated water bottle will help keep you hydrated even when you’re on the go. For all-day hikes, soccer games, and just running errands around town, you’ll be more refreshed when your water is cool.

4.  Enjoy the Taste

Then again, maybe you’re struggling with your daily water dosage because you just find water dull. Not using a purifier might be one cause of bad taste, but there are plenty of tasty zero calorie sweeteners and liquid enhancers that your family can try. You can also infuse you water with produce you already have in your fridge. For a classy twist on plain H2O, try adding mint, lemon, and cucumber to your water bottle.

5.  Snack on High-Water Foods

Also know that you don’t have to always drink your water to stay hydrated. About 20% of an adult’s daily water comes from food. So feel free to supplement your summer water intake with extra fruit and veggies. Some of the best hydrating foods are watermelon (obviously), cantaloupe, strawberries, cucumbers, and spinach. Each of these summer favorites are at least 90% water by their weight. Now that’s delicious!