Top 5 Holiday Activities—Our Family Traditions in Indy

This year we’ve been sharing a lot of great soft water and water filtration info on our blog, but as a family-owned business, it’s nice to take some time out at the end of the year to show you a little more of our “behind the scenes” at Indy Soft Water. The holiday season is always an exciting time for us, and now that our boys are getting older we’re starting to form some really fun traditions around Indy. Feel free to join in and share these events—there are a lot of hidden gems around town to help you and your family celebrate the season!

1. Giving

First, we always try to start the season with giving. We really want this to set the tone for our boys. This year, we will be participating in the St. Monica “December to Remember” program. Hank and Sam will help select and wrap the gifts, as well as chip in some of their own earnings for purchasing clothing and a couple toys for two families in need. We’re looking forward to building on the memories we made (as both a family and a small business) last year doing volunteer work—it should be another great experience!

2. Shop Small

On December 5th we’ll head to the Ambre Blends open house to support and shop the local vendors they’re hosting. It’s such a fun way to see friends and knock out some early shopping. We’re already big fans of Ambre Blends and Just Pop In—and this year we’re excited to learn more about Be Jewelry, Taste Your Fitness, and Love Touched Creations. The really great part? Ambre Blends is giving all guests 15% off. (Learn all about the event here.)

3. Get Crazy

If your family needs to let some of the crazy out, we always look forward to the Ugly Sweater Bingo Bash at Greek Tony’s! This pizza place has a lively crowd, yummy food, and lots of chances to win so there’s no holding back. Check out their Facebook page and call for a Bingo table reservation—you won’t regret it.

4. Neighborhood Cheer

Later in the month we’ll have all of our neighbors in for a night of warm toddies and cheer. We love being able to spend time with our friends on these cold winter nights. Great drinks, good conversation, and big laughs? It doesn’t get much better than that.

5. Family Time & Reflection

Of course, we always end the year by partying family style. Our son Sam is a New Year’s baby, so this holiday is especially fun. We get to celebrate his birthday “eve” and see how both our sons have grown the past year—such a fun way to reflect and look forward to the next year.