Top 5 Hard Water Contaminants

Do you know what’s in your water? If you don’t have a water filter from Indy Soft Water, there’s a good chance that you’re drinking hard water. Hard water has high levels of dissolved minerals, including calcium and magnesium. While these minerals aren’t necessarily bad for you, these other five hard water contaminants can be.

Top 5 Hard Water Contaminants

1. Nitrate and Nitrite

Nitrate is found in fertilizer and animal waste, and it can enter the water supply through runoff or leaching. Nitrite is a byproduct of nitrate breakdown, and it can also be found in sewage or industrial waste. Both contaminants are harmful to human health, and they can cause a range of serious problems, including cancer, birth defects, and nervous system damage. 

2. Microorganisms

Another common water contaminant is microorganisms. These tiny organisms can cause a variety of illnesses, ranging from mild to serious. There are many ways for microorganisms to enter your water supply, including through sewage systems and animal waste. 

3. Arsenic

Arsenic is found in both private wells and public water supplies. While it is not always harmful to human health, it can pose a serious threat if consumed at high levels. Symptoms of arsenic poisoning include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. In severe cases, it can lead to organ failure and death. 

4. Pesticides

Pesticides are used in agriculture to protect crops from pests, but they can also end up in our water supply. These chemicals are harmful to human health, and they can also cause damage to aquatic ecosystems. In addition, pesticides can be difficult to remove from water, and they can linger in the environment for years. 

5. Radionuclides

Radionuclides radioactively decay and emit particles that can be harmful to human health. They can enter the water supply through natural sources or from human activity, such as mining and nuclear power plants. Radionuclides can cause cancer and other health problems.

We Remove Hard Water Contaminants

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