Thankful for the Indy Community and You

As you celebrate with family and friends this holiday season, please know that all of us here at Indy Soft Water are thankful for you. We’re proud to serve the Indianapolis area, and are honored that you’ve welcomed us into your own business or home. Your trust in Indy Soft Water makes us very grateful.

Our Thanksgiving Message to Indy:

I am thankful. And for that I am thankful! Sounds strange, I know, but with all that is going on in the world, I am grateful my heart is still open to giving and receiving life’s simplest gifts. We are truly grateful for the wider community where we live, and that we can work here and support our family—because you support us! Thank you for being part of what makes Indianapolis our home, and Indy Soft Water a success. We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Jessica and Ben Larson